Internship Spotlight: Dominique Phillips, Turning Point USA


Dominique Phillips '24 BSBA (Marketing) was an Administrative Intern at Turning Point USA in Phoenix, Arizona.

What was the process of getting this internship, job, or summer experience?

I had a year of previous experience as a chapter president for our chapter on campus. I applied online then went through a phone interview and then a video interview, since I made it passed the phone interview. 

What was a typical day like?

I worked 9am-4pm four days a week and started out my days sorting the new involved students in our Airtable spreadsheets. Created and updated new profiles for school chapters executive members on WordPress. Then drafted mass emails for the company and student executive members across the country. I also chose quality photos to be posted on the Turning Point USA Events and Turning Point USA Students instagram accounts and created captions to pair with the photos. I managed the back end of the Turning Point USA website with coding and form updates. As well as booking cross-country travel for other employees. Event planning for the upcoming special events and making sure tickets for the upcoming conference are organized on the Excel and Airtable spreadsheets.

What was your favorite part of the experience?

I had the opportunity to travel to Tampa, Florida with the company and my team and work on staff for a 300+ student leader conference and then a 5000+ student summit conference with students from across the country. 

How did Eller Prepare you for this experience?

The professional admission process prepared me to have a great resume, cover letter, and interview skills to go through my internship application process. I was prepared on how to have an amazing resume, cover letter, and answers to the interview. I also knew what great questions to ask the employer at the end of the interview.  

Did you feel supported by the company or organization you worked with? 

They gave me a ton of projects and continuously verbally expressed their appreciation for me and my hard work. They trusted me with projects that will be shown in front of the entire company. There was a total of 2 summer interns (including myself) and the application was a long process with many applicants.