Meet Setora '25 (Pre-Economics)

Setora Latipova

To Setora Latipova ’25 (Pre-Economics), there is no such thing as too much to handle.

Latipova’s path led her to the Eller College during her high school years when she discovered her passion for economics and business. “I was fascinated by the way markets worked and how businesses operated,” she says. “That’s how I knew I wanted to pursue a career in these fields.”

Not only is she majoring in Pre-Economics, Latipova is also minoring in Global Business, Sports Management and Arabic.

While many first-year students spend their first year getting used to their rigorous schedule and learning the ropes of “how to be in college” Latipova went above and beyond and was involved in several clubs and organizations at Eller.  She was part of the Women in Economics Club and the Premier Club. During her time as a member of the Women in Economics Club, she had the opportunity to participate in the Brown R. Foundation and volunteered at a local private elementary school where she taught students basic economics knowledge.

During her spring break, Latipova participated in the Dallas Study Tour with other Eller College students and career coaches and visited many large companies like AT&T, American Airlines, Toyota North America, Ernst&Young, Goldman Sachs, PwC and Texas Instruments. “One of the key takeaways from the Dallas Study Tour was the importance of adaptability and resilience in the face of change,” she says. “But also the value of building strong relationships and networks.”

Latipova will also be participating in the Eller Business Careers Institute over the summer.

Although she made it seem like a piece of cake, Latipova did struggle at balancing her studies with her externships and study tours at first. “While these experiences were incredibly valuable for my education and career development, they also required a significant time commitment outside my regular coursework,” she says. Latipova developed a time management plan that allowed her to balance her academic responsibilities with her extracurricular activities and made sure she was communicating regularly with her professors and peers to stay on track. “I really learned to prioritize my tasks based on their level of importance and urgency,” she says. “This ultimately helped me stay on top of my responsibilities and succeed both in my studies and my extracurricular activities.”

Latipova had the opportunity to participate in an externship program at Nike World Headquarters where she gained hands-on experience in the field of business and marketing.  “My externship at Nike was a transformative experience that provided me with valuable skills, knowledge and insights that will benefit me in my future career.”

In the future, Latipova hopes to be able to involve the skills and knowledge she has gained at the Eller College to make a meaningful impact in her home country of Uzbekistan. For now, she has several opportunities coming up, including participating in an International Conference on Business, Economics, Management and Finance at Harvard University with her thesis on Islamic Finance. She will also be studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain while she interns with a local Spanish company.

Looking further ahead, she plans to pursue a career in foreign economic affairs, with the ultimate goal of helping Uzbekistan become part of the World Trade Organization. “As a sponsored student by my government, I feel a strong sense of responsibility to use my education to contribute to the development and progress of my country. “ I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and am confident that the skills and knowledge I have gained at the Eller College will serve me well in achieving my goals. I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that the future holds and am eager to make a positive impact in my community and beyond.”