Engineer Turned Product Manager: Keyur Makwana ’23 MBA

Keyur Makwana

Keyur Makwana '23 MBA, is a former engineer who leveraged his degree to propel his career to new heights. From solution and system engineering, Makwana transitioned into a business development role at RoboSense, driven by a desire to contribute to decision-making processes.

Makwana was initially drawn to Eller's Online MBA program due to its impressive rankings and the faculty’s expertise. Additionally, he found that the overall curriculum—specifically the management courses—was directly applicable to his career trajectory, making it the clear choice for his educational pursuits. 

Makwana highlighted his personal development throughout the program, stating, "The OMBA has made me more extroverted and comfortable with public speaking. I feel that my networking efforts are more natural now than before.”

From a professional standpoint, the impact of the MBA degree on Makwana’s career has been profound. It has not only unlocked new career opportunities that were previously out of reach, but also facilitated a successful transition out of engineering. Reflecting on his experience, he remarks, "Yes, I was able to pivot my career trajectory which has already proven to be a good return on investment. The return on investment is present financially as well."

His advice to prospective MBA students is invaluable. He emphasizes the importance of knowing your purpose for pursuing an MBA and putting in the effort accordingly. As he aptly puts it, "Know what you are doing your MBA for—I mean really know what you are doing it for and then work towards it."

Makwana’s journey serves as a compelling example of how Eller's Online MBA can empower individuals to achieve their career aspirations. Through unwavering dedication and a clear sense of purpose, students like Makwana can harness their full potential and unlock new opportunities in their chosen fields.