Hammond Featured in Data Connects Us Magazine

George Hammond

George Hammond, director of the Economic and Business Research Center (EBRC) and research professor in the Eller College of Management was featured in a Q&A segment of the Data Connects Us Magazine—a magazine put together by the Office of Research, Innovation and Impact at the University of Arizona.

In the segment, Hammond talks about the future of work—specifically industry, AI and labor. 

When asked what industries AI will disrupt more, Hammond said “It’s middle-skill occupations—interpreters, telemarketers, legal assistants. Those kinds of jobs. Cargo and freight—drivers, loaders, warehousing—are already pretty automated and will get even more so. It’s not so much that these jobs will be eliminated entirely. But we’re all going to have that digital assistant that is helping in some way to do our job.”

Hammond directs the Economic and Business Research Center in the Eller College of Management. The Center is a leader in the digital delivery of information on the Arizona economy. Visit Arizona's Economy online magazine, the MAP Dashboard, the Arizona-Mexico Economic Indicators, and download the Arizona's Economy smartphone app.

A specialist in econometric forecasting for more than two decades, Hammond has designed, built and used economic models to produce more than 100 forecasts for state and local economies and completed more than 50 regional economic studies on topics including economic and workforce development, energy forecasting and the impact of higher education on human capital accumulation.