Melanie Sanitoa '17 MBA: Parent, Veteran, MBA Graduate

Melanie Sanitoa Family

In celebrating the accomplishments of Eller College of Management alumni who have served our nation with distinction, we shine a spotlight on Melanie Sanitoa ’17 MBA—a remarkable veteran, devoted parent and graduate of the Eller Online MBA program. 

Sanitoa's journey into the world of business began amidst the transition from military service to civilian life. Faced with uncertainty about her future path, she recognized the need to enhance her leadership and strategic skills outside of the military sphere. 

Sanitoa headshot

Reflecting on her decision to pursue an MBA, Sanitoa expressed, “I was leaving all my ‘knowns’ behind. I needed to learn to be a new kind of professional than what I’d been in the Army. And where better to build a professional toolkit than an MBA in a new world?”

Amidst her search for the right program, Eller's Online MBA quickly emerged as the ideal choice. Melanie emphasized the importance of flexibility coupled with engaging professors and administration. She found Eller's staff to be responsive and understanding of her unique circumstances, allowing her to meticulously plan out her academic journey from start to graduation. 

Melanie's endorsement of the MBA program extends beyond her personal experience. She wholeheartedly encourages others facing similar crossroads to consider the transformative impact of an MBA on their professional trajectories. "As soon as I graduated, I had a job,” says Sanitoa. “I almost immediately saw a return on investment.” 

The financial stability provided by her MBA empowered her with the flexibility to pursue different paths and career fields, positioning her for success in her professional endeavors.

 Currently, Sanitoa serves as a project manager and operational test lead for Joint Defense Test and Evaluation—embodying the resilience and adaptability cultivated through her military service and MBA education.

Sanitoa's story illustrates the MBA program's transformative impact, inspiring pride, and motivation within the military community on their journey to success.