Nooshin Warren Featured in New York Times


Nooshin Warren, assistant professor of Marketing in the Eller College of Management, was featured in a recent New York Times article about how companies are now making “woke free” a selling point for their business.

The article states that there are numerous companies that are trying to appeal to customers who think corporate America is trying to push a certain political agenda.

It also explains that an issue that may drive consumers to seek alternatives may also lose political salience—forcing businesses that have made it part of their appeal to change their approach. Warren says that “if L.G.B.T.Q. rights became less politicized and more accepted across the country, conservative companies would have to rethink their strategy.”

Warren joined the Eller College of Management in 2016 after earning her PhD in Marketing from Texas A&M University. Before academia, Warren was a marketing manager for the representative of at Khosro Medisa Teb (Astra Zeneca, Zimmer and Phillips Avent in Iran). Her research interest lies in the financial impacts of marketing strategies. Her recent work is focused on political marketing, cause marketing and purpose driven marketing. She substantially studies how corporate sociopolitical activism and purpose driven marketing strategies can affect firms’ stakeholders such as their consumers, investors, competitors and employees. Nooshin’s research has been published in top tier marketing journals such as Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research and Journal of Academy of Marketing Science as well as prominent media outlets such as Forbes, Yahoo! News, the New York Times, and the Conversation. She serves as a review board member of the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Academy of Marketing Science as well as an adhoc reviewer for other top tier marketing journals.  In line with her research, Nooshin is also an active member of Eller College of Management Faculty Governance Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.