Anastasiya Pocheptsova Ghosh

Associate Professor of Marketing

Susan and Philip Hagenah Endowed Faculty Fellowship

Chair of the Faculty

Anastasiya Pocheptsova

McClelland Hall 320Y
1130 E. Helen St.
P.O. Box 210108
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0108

Areas of Expertise

  • Judgment and decision making
  • Financial industry and fintech
  • Online retail
  • Field experiments and behavioral interventions


PhD in Marketing, Yale University, 2008

MA in Advertising, University of Texas, 2002

Anastasiya Pocheptsova joined the Eller College of Management in 2017. Before coming to Eller, she worked as an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Maryland and the University of South Carolina. Her areas of expertise are judgment and decision making, field experiments and behavioral interventions.

Recent Awards

  • Inclusive Leadership Institute, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, University of Arizona, 2021-2022
  • Dean’s Service Award, Eller College of Management, University of Arizona, 2021 
  • Marketing Department Teaching Award, Eller College of Management, University of Arizona, 2022 
  • Steps in Scholars Journey Mentor, Faculty Affairs, Provost Office, University of Arizona, 2022 
  • Co-Chair of the Society for Consumer Psychology Doctoral Consortium, 2022 
  • Lincoln Financial Best Paper Award at the annual Academic Research Colloquium for Financial Planning and Related Disciplines, 2021 
  • American Marketing Association Consumer Behavior Special Interest Group Research in Practice Award, 2020 

Published Journal Articles

  • Huang, Liang, Ghosh Pocheptsova, Anastasiya, Li, Ruoou, and Elise Ince (2020), "Pay Me with Venmo: Effect of Service Providers Decisions to Adopt P2P Payment Methods on Consumer Evaluations,” Journal of Association for Consumer Research, 5(3), 271-281

    Schneider, Gustavo, and Anastasiya Pocheptsova Ghosh (2020), “Should We Trust Front-of-Package Labels? How Food and Brand Categorization Influence Healthiness Perception and Preference,” Journal of Association for Consumer Research 5(2), 149-161

  • Matherly, Ted, Ghosh Pocheptsova, Anastasiya and Yogesh Joshi (2019), “The Freedom of Constraint: How Perceptions of Time Limitations Alleviate Guilt from Two-Phase Indulgent Consumption,” Journal of Association of Consumer Research, 4(2), 147- 159

  • Watson, Jared, Ghosh Pocheptsova, Anastasiya, and Michael Trusov (2018), “Swayed by the Numbers: The Consequences of Displaying Product Review Attributes,” Journal of Marketing, 82(6), 109-131

  • Etkin, Jordan and Anastasiya Pocheptsova Ghosh (2018), “When Being in a Positive Mood Increases Choice Deferral,” Journal of Consumer Research, 45(1), 208-225

  • Vonach, Andrew, Vohs, Kathleen D., Ghosh Pocheptsova, Anastasiya, and Roy F. Baumeister (2017), “Ego Depletion Induces Mental Passivity: Behavioral Effects Beyond Impulse Control,” Motivation Science, 3(4), 321-336 (lead article)

  • Matherly, Ted and Anastasiya Pocheptsova Ghosh (2017), “Is What You Feel What They See? Prominent and Subtle Identity Signaling in InterGroup Interactions,” Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 30 (4), 828-842

  • Labroo, Aparna A. and Anastasiya Pocheptsova (2016), “Metacognition and Consumer Judgment: Fluency is Pleasant but Disfluency Ignites Interest,” Current Opinion in Psychology, 10 (August), 154-159

  •  Pocheptsova, Anastasiya, Petersen, Francine and Jordan Etkin (2015), “Two Birds, One Stone? Positive Mood Makes Products Seem Less Useful for Multiple-goal Pursuit,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 25(2), 296-303

  •  Pocheptsova, Anastasiya, Aparna A. Labroo and Ravi Dhar (2010), “Making Products Feel Special: When Metacognitive Difficulty Improves Product Evaluation,” Journal of Marketing Research, 47 (6), 1059-1069

  •  Pocheptsova, Anastasiya and Nathan Novemsky (2010), “When Do Incidental Mood Effects Last? Lay Beliefs versus Actual Effects,” Journal of Consumer Research, 36 (2), 992-1001

  •  Pocheptsova, Anastasiya, Amir, On, Dhar, Ravi, and Roy F. Baumeister (2009), “Deciding without Resources: Psychological Depletion and Choice in Context,” Journal of Marketing Research, 46(3), 344-355

Book Chapter

  •  Labroo, Aparna A. and Anastasiya Pocheptsova (2017), “What Makes Tomorrow’s Gain Worth Today’s Pain? Cognitive, Motivational, and Affective Influences in Consumers’ Self-control Dilemmas,” International Handbook of Consumer Psychology, Eds. C. Jansson-Boyd & M. Zawisza, Taylor & Francis, London, UK, pp. 447-466