Ashok Kumar Kaliyamurthy

Doctoral Candidate

Ashok’s research objective is to develop managerially relevant theory on information technology (IT) consumption and markets. His current research investigates how IT consumption is shaped by: 

(a) ideologies that are embedded into the design of IT products 

(b) ideologies prevalent in society about IT 

In addition to consumer research, he draws on the literature from management information science (MIS), human-computer interaction (HCI), science and technology studies (STS), and sociology.  

Ashok’s research and teaching is guided by 15 years of international, cross-functional industry experience in roles spanning marketing, sales, technology development and deployment across the domains of IT, telecom, healthcare, and social enterprise. Ashok graduated with an MBA from Cornell University and an undergraduate degree in engineering from Bangalore University. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Technology markets and consumption

Research Progress 

  • Manuscript under review: Ashok Kumar Kaliyamurthy and Hope Schau “Burdens of Digitization: Consumers and Reductive Algorithms”; revising for 2nd round review at Journal of Consumer Research 
  • Manuscript under review: Ignacio Luri, Ashok Kumar Kaliyamurthy and Matthew Farmer, “Sometime in the Future - The Technology Entrepreneur as Utopian Market Hero”; revising for 3rd round review at Marketing Theory  
  • Book chapter (in press): Ashok Kumar Kaliyamurthy, Hope Schau and Mary Gilly (2021) “The Evolution of Online Self-presentation: From Programmable Freeform Websites to Algorithmized Templates that Encourage Commercially Exploitable Content” In R.W. Belk, R. Llamas (Ed.) Routledge Handbook of Digital Consumption, 2e 

 Honors and Awards 

  • Lisle & Roslyn Payne Outstanding Doctoral Student Award, University of Arizona, 2021 
  • University Fellows Award, University of Arizona, 2018-2020 
  • Graduate and Professional Student Council Travel Grant, University of Arizona, Dec 2019 
  • Graduate and Professional Student Council Travel Grant, University of Arizona, May 2019 
  • Henry Wittink Memorial Marketing Prize, Cornell University, 2009 
  • Girish Reddy – Ezra Cornell Scholarship, Cornell University, 2007-2009