Accounting PhD Placement


The Accounting PhD program strives to prepare candidates for competitive faculty positions at Tier-1 accounting research universities.

Past graduates have earned faculty positions at premier institutions such as University of Chicago, University of Rochester, University of Texas at Austin, University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Ohio State University, Texas A&M University, University of Georgia, University of Notre Dame, University of Illinois, University of Southern California, Rice University and Washington University at St. Louis, among others.

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The following is a detailed list of the initial placements and dissertation topics of our recent doctoral graduates since 2013

Name Year First Placement Dissertation Title
Huayu (Jade) Chen 2022 Loyola Marymount University  When Employees Go to Court: Audit Office Labor Market Reputation and Audit Quality
Meiling Zhao 2022 Chinese University of Hong Kong  Timely Signal of Systematic Audit Quality from Market Participants: Evidence from Activist Short-Seller Campaigns
Yuzhi (Mark) Yan 2021 Hong Kong Baptist University

The Role of Soft Information in Debt Contracting: Evidence from Lender Visitation and Discussion

Musaib Ashraf

2020 Michigan State University

The Role of Market Forces and Regulations in Disclosure: Evidence from Cyber Risk Factors

Jacob Jaggi 2020 Washington State University

When Does the Internal Audit Function Enhance Audit Committee Effectiveness

Lisa McLuckie Thain

2020 University of North Texas

Using Managerial Controls to Motivate Employee Learning

Aaron Roeschley

2019 University of Kentucky

The Balance Sheet Approach to Earnings Measurement and Investors' Reaction to Financial Information

Ashley Sauciuc 2019 Indiana University The Effects of Pay Raise Frequency within Groups on Collusion
Remington Curtis 2018 Binghamton University
The Impact of Verifiability on the Reliability of Fair Value Estimates: Evidence From the Level 3 Rollforward Disclosure
J. Russell Hamilton 2018 Southern Methodist University
New Evidence on Investors' Valuation of Deferred Tax Liabilities 
Xia Xiao 2018 Northeastern University
Auditor Expertise in the SEC Review Process: Evidence from IPO Registrations 
Matthew Erickson 2017 Virginia Tech
The Relation between Firm Dividend Policy and the Volatility of Cash Effective Tax Rates
Frank Murphy 2017 University of Connecticut
Do Firms Alter Foreign Organizational Structures in Response to Changes in U.S. International Tax Policy? Evidence from TIPRA 2005
Nathan Goldman 2016 University of Texas at Dallas The Effect of Tax Aggressiveness on Investment Efficiency
Mindy Kim 2016 George Mason University The Impact of Managerial Overconfidence and Ability on Auditor Going-Concern Decisions and Auditor Termination
Pablo Machado 2016 San Diego State University  Investor Monitoring and Auditor Choice: Evidence from Hedge Fund Activism
Sarah Shaikh 2015 University of Washington Managerial Career Concerns and Earnings Forecasts
Joshua (Scott) Judd 2015 University of Illinois at Chicago Auditor Industry Specialization and Revenue Manipulation
Andrew Finley 2015 Claremont McKenna College The Impact of Large Tax Settlements on Firms’ Subsequent Tax and Financial Reporting
James Brushwood 2015 Colorado State University Peer Accounting Information and the Use of Peer-based Multiples for IPO Valuation
Stephen Lusch 2014 University of Kansas The Impact of Financial Constraints on the Relation between Investor-Level Taxes and Capital Structure Decisions
Dane Christensen 2013 Penn State University Corporate Accountability Reporting, Assurance, and High-Profile Misconduct
Curtis Hall 2013 Drexel University Managing Cost to Meet Earning Targets: A Comparison of Public and Privately Held Commercial Banks
Tim Hinkel 2013 Kent State University The Effect of Cash Flow Forecasts on Cost of Debt
David Kenchington 2013 Arizona State University Is the Average Dividend Tax Rate of All Investors Capitalized Into Expected Returns?
Phillip Lamoreaux 2013 Arizona State University Blind Spots: PCAOB Inspection Access and Auditor Reporting Decisions
Landon Mauler 2013 Florida State University Determinants and Consequences of Pre-Tax Forecasts