The Rising Stars In Marketing

The Rising Stars In Marketing

Founded in 2022, the Rising Stars in Marketing Program (RSIM) is a premier undergraduate program in the Eller College Marketing Department that creates advanced opportunities for highly motivated and energized students wanting to gain invaluable leadership opportunities and skills. The Rising Stars in Marketing Program aims to provide exclusive learning and exposure to career opportunities for 30 high-achieving marketing majors who desire to augment their learning beyond the regular curriculum. This elite, student‐focused program helps program participants, known as Robert A. Eckert RSIM Scholars, build a foundation that will help them become successful marketing professionals and leaders in their communities. The Rising Stars in Marketing Program will help program participants identify and successfully enter the right marketing career for them. Further, the Rising Stars in Marketing program will help participants build a strong and supportive network of current and former program participants, as well as other friends of the program, that will serve them in their professional and personal lives well beyond graduation. As members enter and excel in their careers they have committed to staying connected to help mentor and provide similar opportunities that they were given from their time in the program. Specifically, the program is built on four strategic pillars: Career Acceleration, Networking, Citizenship, and Scholarship.

Career Acceleration

Career acceleration is primarily focused on two activities, Career path exploration and skill building. Career Path Exploration. To help you find the right marketing career for you, program participants will have opportunities to learn more about the many different opportunities and career paths that exist within marketing. Activities focused on career exposure will include shadowing current marketing professionals, participating in program treks to visit a diverse set of marketing departments, and listening to invited industry speakers. Skill building. To help you prepare for internship and job searches, the program offers coaching and advice from HR professionals, career coaches, and peers. In addition, throughout the year, the Rising Stars in Marketing program offers skill-building sessions each focused on building one specific skill set.


To help you build a life-long network of other outstanding marketing professionals, program participants will engage in networking and cohort-building events and activities throughout their time in the program. Examples of such activities include formal networking opportunities through company visits and shadowing experiences, networking events with industry professionals, and visitors to our program meetings. Although many of our networking activities center around meeting current industry professionals who we consider friends of the program, others focus strictly on strengthening relationships within RSIM. Building a strong community among current RSIM participants and program alumni is a critically important part of what we do. Program alumni remain an important part of the program even after graduation.



The Rising Stars in Marketing Program participants will be leaders not only academically but also in citizenship. While in the program, participants will actively participate in activities that benefit their community such as Eller Make a Difference Day, consulting services provided to local non-profits, and offering career coaching and skills to other Eller marketing students.


The Rising Stars in Marketing program allows program participants to further enhance their scholarship while in the Eller Marketing Department. Honors students will have enhanced support for working with marketing faculty on their honors thesis research and all RISM students will have opportunities for creating or participating in case competitions and other experiential learning opportunities.

Program Leadership

Program Sponsor: Robert A. Eckert

Program Faculty Director: Jesper Nielsen

Marketing Department Liaison: Lexi Kime 

Program Executive Board

  • Jenna Frannea (President)
  • Madison Reznicki
  • Cassandra Sears
  • Edozie Ndulue
  • Julianna Gioia
  • Vanessa Koop
  • Emma Guest

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