Technology Support for Online Systems

Technology Support for Online Systems


Many technical issues encountered in the online environment are caused by the interaction of your equipment (PC or Mac) with the learning management system or a specific technology used to deliver course content.

In a number of situations, you will be able to solve problems by upgrading to a more recent version of a software tool (e.g., Java) or changing your browser (e.g., using Chrome instead of Internet Explorer). 

If you have not had a chance to do so already, please verify that your equipment meets the Eller technology requirements

In some cases, you may encounter a problem that is outside of your control. As we work together to resolve any technical issues you may be experiencing, the below resources are available to you. 

Eller D2L Technical Support 

If you are experiencing difficulties with: 

Finding Your Course
If you do not see your assigned courses in D2L, either the course has not been made available or your registration has not made it into the course listing yet. Feel free to contact Eller IT support for D2L. 

Viewing Course Content
If you are unable to view a course video lecture or other course content, please either contact your instructor directly or contact Eller IT support for D2L.

Quizzes, Exams and Assignments
If you experience technical difficulties while taking a quiz or exam (e.g., your Internet connection disconnects) or submitting course assignments, please contact your instructor directly. If the instructor is unable to resolve the issue, it will be escalated to the appropriate support channel.

UA Technical Support with Your PC or Mac 

If you are experiencing issues that are not related to D2L such as: 

  • Adobe Flash not properly running on your system
  • Adobe PDF reader problems

Please visit the University of Arizona 24/7 support desk or call 1-520-626-TECH (8324). 


Eller Information Technology

Eller Information Technology—Eller IT—provides information technology services, support , and applications for the Eller College, including D2L, eSMS, computing labs, multimedia classrooms, networks, and others.