Arizona Think Tank for Behavioral Decision Making

The intersection of research on human decision making and public policy.


The Arizona Think Tank for Behavioral Decision Making is a scholarly collective dedicated to investigating and uncovering the mechanisms and consequences of human decision making. 

The goal: to bring together researchers interested in diverse facets of human judgment and decision making—including affective, cognitive and social psychology, behavioral economics, marketing, management and organizational behavior, behavioral finance and management information systems.

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Faculty affiliates of the Arizona Think Tank for Behavioral Decision Making conduct and disseminate in-depth research, aiming to solve important decision-making problems facing both individuals and society in Arizona, the United States and around the globe.

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About Behavioral Decision Making

Behavioral decision making is the study of affective, cognitive and social processes which humans employ to identify and choose alternatives. These processes are guided by the values, beliefs and preferences of the decision maker, produce a final choice and sway behavior. Today, the study of these processes is increasingly prevalent in a variety of disciplines, including psychology, behavioral economics, marketing, management and organizational behavior, behavioral finance and management information systems. Behavioral decision making captures and unites the diversity of contexts used to study human judgment and choice. In addition, behavioral decision making research has the potential to offer far-reaching implications, ranging from a better understanding of consumer well-being via a more efficient management of organizations and systems to an increased grasp of complex mechanisms at play at the societal level.


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