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Economics Working Papers


Editor: Martin Dufwenberg

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23-01  Peer Evaluation Tournaments. Martin Dufwenberg; Katja Goerlitz; Christina Gravert

23-02 Fatal Errors: The Mortality Value of Accurate Weather Forecasts. Jeffrey G. Shrader; Laura Bakkensen; Derek Lemoine.

    Supplementary Appendix

23-03  Corruption and Asymmetric Sanctions: Theory and Evidence from China. Maria Perrotta Berlin; Martin Dufwenberg; Bei Qin; Giancarlo Spagnolo

23-04 SNAP Eligible Products and Behavioral Demand. Christian Cox; Catherine Harris-Lagoudakis

23-05 Risk-Sharing with Network Transaction Costs. Christian Cox; Akanksha Negi; Digvijay Negi

21-01 Improving Search Precision on E-commerce Platforms. Wei Zhou; Mingfeng Lin; Mo Xiao; Lu Fang

21-02 Honesty in the City. Martin Dufwenberg; Maros Servatka; Jorge Tarraso; Radovan Vadovic

21-03 Mean Markets or Kind Commerce?  Martin Dufwenberg; Olof Johansson-Stenman; Michael Kirchler; Florian Lindner; Rene Schwaiger

21-04 Identifying Physician Practice Style for Mental Health Conditions. Kelli Marquardt

21-05 Mis(sed) Diagnosis: Physician Decision Making and ADHD. Kelli Marquardt

21-06  Promises and Punishment. Martin Dufwenberg; Flora Li; Alec Smith

21-07  Opportunity Unraveled: Private Information and the Missing Markets for Financing Human Capital. Daniel Herbst; Nathaniel Hendren (Executive Summary for WP-21-07)

21-08  Pandemics and Psychological Game Theory. Martin Dufwenberg; Kathryn L. Reed

21-09  Discounting Trillions of Dollars in Pension Obligations: A Better Alternative to Using the Expected Return or Risk-Free Rate. Tiemen Woutersen

20-01 Belief-Dependent Motivations and Psychological Game Theory. Pierpaolo Battigalli; Martin Dufwenberg
     Original Version, May 2020

20-02 Do People Maximize Quantiles? Luciano de Castro; Antonio F. Galvao; Charles N. Noussair; Liang Qiao

20-03 Promises and Partner-Switch: Vanberg Revisited. Giovanni Di Bartolomeo; Martin Dufwenberg; Stefano Papa

20-04 Indemnifying Precaution: Economic Insights for Regulation of a Highly-Infectious Disease. Christopher T. Robertson; Aleks Schaefer; Daniel Scheitrum; Sergio Puig; Keith Joiner

20-05 Authority in a theory of the firm. Inga Deimen; Dezso Szalay

20-06 Information Processing: Contracts versus Communication. Andreas Blume; Inga Deimen; Sean Inoue

20-07 Don't Tell Anyone I Lost to a Girl! Gender Stereotypes and Hiding Low Performance. Shuya He; Charles N. Noussair

20-08 Incentivizing Negative Emissions Through Carbon Shares. Derek Lemoine

20-09  Endogeneity in Discrete Bayesian Games: U.S. Cellphone Service Deployment. Zhongjian Lin; Xun Tang; Mo Xiao

20-10 What Were the Odds? Estimating the Market's Probability of Uncertain Events. Ashley Langer; Derek Lemoine

19-01 Tra i Leoni: Revealing the Preferences Behind a Superstition. Giovanna M. Invernizzi;  Joshua B. Miller;  Tommaso Coen; Martin Dufwenberg; Luiz Edgard R. Oliveira

19-02 Mixed Strategies in the Indefinitely Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma. Julian Romero; Yaroslav Rosokha

19-03 Incorporating Belief-Dependent Motivation in Games. Pierpaolo Battigalli; Roberto Corrao; Martin Dufwenberg

19-04 Partial Norms (w Giovanna d'Adda, Martin Dufwenberg, Francesco Passarelli & Guido Tabellini)

19-05 The Sound of Silence: A License to be Selfish. Giovanni Di Bartolomeo; Martin Dufwenberg; Stefano Papa

19-06 Psychological Game Theory. Pierpaolo Battigalli; Martin Dufwenberg

     Original Version, April 2019

19-07 Fool Me Twice? Data Breach Reductions through Stricter Sanctions. Joseph Buckman; Matthew Hashim; Tiemen Woutersen; Jesse Bockstedt

19-08  Sealed Envelope Submissions Foster Research Integrity. Martin Dufwenberg; Peter Martinsson

19-09  Decision Changes, Time Pressure, and Prosocial Intuition in the Public Goods Game. Mitch Addler

19-10  License Complementarity and Package Bidding: U.S. Spectrum Auctions. Mo Xiao; Zhe Yuan

18-01 Dynamic Quantile Models of Rational Behavior. Luciano de Castro; Antonio F. Galvao

18-02 Designing Dynamic Subsidies to Spur Adoption of New Technologies; Ashley Langer, Derek Lemoine
Original version, January 2018

18-03 Entry Threat, Entry Delay, and Internet Speed: The Timing of the U.S. Broadband Rollout. Kyle Wilson; Mo Xiao; Peter F. Orazem

18-04 Transitory Shocks, Limited Attention, and a Firm’s Decision to Exit. Avi Goldfarb; Mo Xiao

18-05 Rationally Misplaced Confidence. Derek Lemoine
     Original version, March 2018

18-06 Are We There Yet? Mechanism Design Beyond Equilibrium. Matthew Van Essen; Mark Walker

18-07 Modelling Kindness. Martin Dufwenberg & Georg Kirchsteiger

18-08 Rule of Law in Labor Relations, 1898-1940. Price Fishback

18-09 Estimating the Consequences of Climate Change from Variation in Weather. Derek Lemoine
     Supplementary Appendix
     Original version, August 2018

18-10 Tax Evasion with a Conscience. Martin Dufwenberg; Katarina Nordblom

18-11 The Effect of Electronic Benefit Transfer on the Marginal Propensity to Consume Food out of SNAP. Chase S. Eck
     Original version, September 2018

18-12 Increasing the Power of Specification Tests. Tiemen Woutersen; Jerry A. Hausman

18-13 Platform Mispricing and Lender Learning in Peer-to-Peer Lending. Xinyuan Liu; Zaiyan Wei; Mo Xiao

18-14 Normative Conflict and History Dependence in Repeated Coordination Games. Julian Romero; Huanren Zhang

17-01  Waiting on the Courts: Effects of Policy Uncertainty on Pollution and Investment. Jackson Dorsey

    Original Version, January 2017

17-02  From Gallons to Miles: A Disaggregate Analysis of Automobile Travel and Externality Taxes. Ashley Langer; Vikram Maheshri; Clifford Winston

17-03  For Whom to Tweet? Evidence from a Large-Scale Social Media Platform.  Zaiyan Wei; Mo Xiao

17-04  Managing Climate Change Under Uncertainty: Recursive Integrated Assessment at an Inflection Point.  Derek Lemoine; Ivan Rudik

17-05  Market Dynamics and Investment in the Electricity Sector.  Joseph Cullen; Stanley Reynolds

17-06  The Effect of Collusion on Efficiency in Experimental Auctions. Charles N. Noussair; Gyula Seres

17-07  Does Reciprocity Persist Over Time? Nickolas Gagnon; Charles N. Noussair

17-08  Symmetric n-Player Games. Asaf Plan

17-09 Comparative statics in symmetric, concave games. Asaf Plan

17-10 Innovation-Led Transitions in Energy Supply. Derek Lemoine 
        Supplementary Appendix
        Original Version, May 2017

17-11 Expect Above Average Temperatures: Identifying the Economic Impacts of Climate Change. Derek Lemoine

17-12 Misclassification error when identifying job stayers in the Current Population Survey. Chase Eck

17-13 Constructing Strategies in the Indefinitely Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma Game. Julian Romero; Yaroslav Rosokha

17-14 The Evolution of Cooperation: The Role of Costly Strategy Adjustments. Julian Romero; Yaroslav Rosokha

17-15  Approval Mechanism to Solve Prisoner’s Dilemma: Comparison with Varian’s Compensation Mechanism. Tatsuyoshi Saijo; Takehito Masuda; Takafumi Yamakawa

17-16  Cooperation among Behaviorally Heterogeneous Players in a Social Dilemma with Stay or Leave Decisions. Xiaochuan Huang; Takehito Masuda; Tatsuyoshi Saijo

17-17  Higher Order Risk Attitudes and Prevention under Different Timings of Loss: A Laboratory Experiment and Prospect Theory Reexamination. Takehito Masuda; Eungik Lee

17-18  Sequential Bayesian Persuasion. Wenhao Wu

16-01  The Process of Self-Discovery: Learned Helplessness, Self-Efficacy, and Endogenous Overoptimism. Derek Lemoine

16-02  Heterogeneity of beliefs and trade in experimental asset markets. Tim A. Carle; Yaron Lahav; Tibor Neugebauer; Charles Noussair

16-03  King of the Hill: Giving Backward Induction its Best Shot. Martin Dufwenberg; Matt Van Essen

16-04  Banking on Reciprocity: Deposit Insurance and Insolvency. Martin Dufwenberg; David Rietzke

16-05  Lies in Disguise - A Theoretical Analysis of Cheating. Martin Dufwenberg, Jr.; Martin Dufwenberg, Sr.

16-06  Co-Financing Agreements and Reciprocity: When 'No Deal' is a Good Deal. Dooseok Jang; Amrish Patel; Martin Dufwenberg

14-01 Price Caps, Oligopoly, and Entry. Stanley Reynolds; David Rietzke

14-02 General Equilibrium Rebound from Energy Efficiency Innovation. Derek Lemoine
            Original Version, May 2014

14-03 Steering the Climate System: Using Inertia to Lower the Cost of Policy. Derek Lemoine; Ivan Rudik

14-04 Matching with Continuous Bidirectional Investment. James Fisher

14-05 Short-run effects of parental job loss on child health. Jessamyn Schaller; Mariana Zerpa


13-01 Identification and Estimation of Single Index Models with Measurement Error and Endogeneity. Yingyao Hu; Ji-Liang Shiu; Tiemen Woutersen

13-02  Thanks but No Thanks: A New Policy to Avoid Land Conflict. Martin Dufwenberg; Gunnar Köhlin; Peter Martinsson; Haileselassie Medhin

13-03  How Should Benefits and Costs Be Discounted in an Intergenerational Context?. Kenneth J. Arrow; Maureen L. Cropper; Christian Gollier; Ben Groom; Geoffrey M. Heal; Richard G. Newell; William D. Nordhaus; Robert S. Pindyck; William A. Pizer; Paul R. Portney; Thomas Sterner; Richard S. J. Tol; Martin L. Weitzman

13-04  Calculating Confidence Intervals for Continuous and Discontinuous Functions of Parameters. Tiemen Woutersen; John C. Ham

13-05  Losing to Win: Reputation Management of Online Sellers. Ying Fan; Jiandong Ju; Mo Xiao

13-06  Simple GMM Estimator for the Semiparametric Mixed Proportional Hazard Model. Govert E. Bijwaard; Geert Ridder; Tiemen Woutersen

13-07  Estimating a Semi-Parametric Duration Model without Specifying Heterogeneity. Jerry A. Hausman; Tiemen Woutersen

13-08  Banking on Experiments? Martin Dufwenberg

13-09  Green Expectations: Current Effects of Anticipated Carbon Pricing. Derek Lemoine

13-10  Common Knowledge of Language and Communication Success. Andreas Blume; Oliver J. Board

13-11  Eliciting Private Information with Noise: The Case of Randomized Response. Andreas Blume; Ernest K. Lai; Wooyoung Lim


12-01  Combining Two Consistent Estimators. John C. Chao; Jerry A. Hausman; Whitney K. Newey; Norman R. Swanson; Tiemen Woutersen

12-02  An Expository Note on the Existence of Moments of Fuller and HFUL Estimators. John C. Chao; Jerry A. Hausman; Whitney K. Newey; Norman R. Swanson; Tiemen Woutersen

12-03  Regulating Hidden Attributes: Life-Cycle Ratings in Low-Carbon Fuel Standards. Derek Lemoine

12-04  A Note on The Harmful Effects of Multicollinearity. Lester D. Taylor

12-05  Internal Structure of U. S. Consumption Expenditures. Lester D. Taylor

12-06  Some Notes on Regression With A Two-Dimensional Dependent Variable. Lester D. Taylor

12-07 Cognitive Ability and Learning to Play Equilibrium: A Level-k Analysis. David Gill; Victoria Prowse

12-08 Booms, Busts, and Fertility: Testing the Becker Model Using Gender-Specific Labor Demand. Jessamyn Schaller

12-09  ABC on Deals. Martin Dufwenberg; Maroš Servátka; Radovan Vadovič

12-10  Price Caps, Oligopoly, and Entry. Stanley S. Reynolds; David Rietzke

12-11  Deception: The Role of Guilt. Pierpaolo Battigalli; Gary Charness; Martin Dufwenberg

     Revised Version, December 2012

12-12  Legalizing Bribe Giving. Martin Dufwenberg; Giancarlo Spagnolo


11-01  Robustness to Parametric Assumptions in Missing Data. Bryan S. Graham; Keisuke Hirano

11-02  Maxims for Experimenters. Martin Dufwenberg

11-03  Identification of Time and Risk Preferences in Buy Price Auctions. Daniel Ackerberg; Keisuke Hirano; Quazi Shahriar

11-04  Triangulating the Neural, Psychological & Economic Bases of Guilt Aversion. Luke J. Chang; Alec Smith; Martin Dufwenberg; Alan G. Sanfey

11-05  Learning to Make Better Strategic Decisions. Eric Cardella

11-06 Entry Under Subsidy: The Competitive U.S. Local Telephone Industry. Ying Fan; Mo Xiao

11-07 Elasticity of Supply to the Firm and the Business Cycle. Briggs Depew; Todd A. Sorensen

11-08 Stackelberg in the Lab: The Effect of Group Decision Making and Deliberation Periods. Eric Cardella; Ray Chiu

11-09 Legalizing Bribes. Martin Dufwenberg; Giancarlo Spagnolo

11-10 A Dam Problem: TVA's Fight Against Malaria 1926-1951. Carl T. Kitchens

11-11 Dealing with Eminent Domain. Carl Kitchens; Alex Roomets

11-12 Location Properties of Point Estimators in Linear Instrumental Variables and Related Models.Keisuke Hirano; Jack R. Porter

11-13 Instrumental Variable Estimation with Heteroskedasticity and Many Instruments. Jerry A. Hausman; Whitney K. Newey; Tiemen Woutersen; John Chao; Norman Swanson


10-01 A Patchwork Safety Net: A Survey of Cliometric Studies of Income Maintenance Programs in the United States in the First Half of the Twentieth Century. Price Fishback; Samuel Allen; Jonathan Fox; Brendan Livingston

10-02 A Note on the Stability of Chen’s Lindahl Mechanism. Matt Van Essen

10-03 Making Efficient Public Good Decisions using an Augmented Ausubel Auction. Matt Van Essen

10-04 Equilibrium Play in Matches: Binary Markov Games. Mark Walker; John Wooders; Rabah Amir

10-05  The Effects of Weather Shocks on Crop Prices in Unfettered Markets:  The United States Prior to the Farm Programs, 1895-1932. Jonathan Fox; Price V. Fishback; Paul W. Rhode

10-06  Information and the Impact of Climate and Weather on Mortality Rates During the Great Depression. Price Fishback; Werner Troesken; Trevor Kollmann; Michael Haines; Paul Rhode; Melissa Thomasson

10-07  Social Expenditures in the United States and the Nordic Countries:  1900-2003. Price V. Fishback

10-08   A Structural Analysis of Disappointment Aversion in a Real Effort Competition. David Gill; Victoria Prowse

10-09  In Search of the Multiplier for Federal Spending in the States During the New Deal. Price Fishback; Valentina Kachanovskaya

10-10 Auctions with Heterogeneous Entry Costs. Diego Moreno; John Wooders


09-01 Reinterpreting Deception? Martin Dufwenberg; Uri Gneezy

09-02 Who thinks about the competition? Managerial ability and strategic entry in US local telephone markets. Avi Goldfarb; Mo Xiao

09-03 Play to Learn? An Experiment. Martin Dufwenberg; J. Todd Swarthout

09-04 Welfare Spending and Mortality Rates for the Elderly Before the Social Security Era. Adrian Stoian; Price Fishback

09-05 The Dynamics of Relief Spending and the Private Urban Labor Market During the New Deal. Todd C. Neumann; Price V. Fishback; Shawn Kantor

09-06 Design of Randomized Experiments to Measure Social Interaction Effects. Jinyong Hahn; Keisuke Hirano

09-07 When Do Covariates Matter? And Which Ones, and How Much? Jonah B. Gelbach

09-08 Impossibility Results for Non Differentiable Functionals. Keisuke Hirano; Jack R. Porter

09-09 Out-of-Equilibrium Performance of Three Lindahl Mechanisms: An Experiment. Matthew Van Essen; Natalia Lazzati; Mark Walker

     Revised Version, November 2010

09-10 Game Theory. Martin Dufwenberg


08-01 Other-Regarding Preferences in General Equilibrium, Martin Dufwenberg; Paul Heidhues; Georg Kirchsteiger; Frank Riedel; Joel Sobel

08-02 Adaptive Experimental Design Using the Propensity Score, Jinyong Hahn; Keisuke Hirano; Dean Karlan

08-03 Lagged Beliefs and Reference-Dependent Utility, Alec Smith

     Revised version: Lagged Beliefs and Reference-Dependent Preferences, September 2012

08-04 Does Experience Teach? Professionals and Minimax Play in the Lab, John Wooders

     Supplementary Appendix

08-05 Auctions with Heterogeneous Entry Costs, Diego Moreno; John Wooders

08-06 Lifting the Curse of Dimensionality:  Measures of the Labor Legislation Climate in the States During the Progressive Era. Price V. Fishback; Rebecca Holmes; Samuel Allen

08-07 A Simple Supermodular Mechanism that Implements Lindahl Allocations. Matt Van Essen

08-08 Epiphany in the Game of 21. Martin Dufwenberg; Ramya Sundaram; David J. Butler

08-09 Contracts & Communication. Gary Charness; Martin Dufwenberg

08-10 Hold-up: With a Vengeance. Martin Dufwenberg; Alec Smith; Matt Van Essen

08-11 Auction Design using Bayesian Methods. Dong-Hyuk Kim


07-01 Guilt in Games. Pierpaolo Battigalli; Martin Dufwenberg

07-02 Classical Market Outcomes with Non-Classical Preferences. Georg Kirchsteiger; Martin Dufwenberg

07-03 Separating Reputation, Social Influence, and Identification Effects in a Dictator Game. Maros Servatka

07-04 Love on the Rocks: Alcohol Abuse and Domestic Violence in Rural Mexico. Manuela Angelucci

07-05 Peter Bohm: Father of Field Experiments. Martin Dufwenberg; Glenn W. Harrison

07-06 Measuring the Price Impact of Retailers' Locations and Brands. Jedidiah Brewer; Joseph Cullen; Tim Davies

07-07 Interpreting Sheepskin Effects in the Returns to Education. Alfonso Flores-Lagunes; Audrey Light

07-08 Estimating the Effects of Length of Exposure to a Training Program: The Case of Job Corps. Alfonso Flores-Lagunes; Arturo Gonzalez; Todd C. Neumann

07-09 BOOK REVIEW: Behavioral Economics and Its Applications (P. Diamond & H. Vartiainen, Eds.). Martin Dufwenberg

07-10 The Effect of Internal Migration on Local Labor Markets: American Cities During the Great Depression. Leah Platt Boustan; Price V. Fishback; Shawn E. Kantor

07-11 What Happens in the Field Stays in the Field: Professionals Do Not Play Minimax in Laboratory Experiments. Steven D. Levitt; John A. List; and David H. Reiley

     Revised Version, July 2008

     07-11 Supplementary Appendix

07-12 Discrete Implementation of the Groves-Ledyard Mechanism. J. Todd Swarthout; Mark Walker

07-13 Measuring the Benefits to Sniping on eBay: Evidence from a Field Experiment. Sean Gray; David H. Reiley

07-14 Checking Out Temptation: A Natural Experiment with Purchases at the Grocery Register. Daniel Houser; David H. Reiley; Michael B. Urbancic

07-15 Field Experiments in Economics [New Palgrave]. David H. Reiley; John A. List

07-16 Big Driving out Small: ‘Hypermarts’ and the Retail Gasoline Industry. Jedidiah Brewer

07-17 Broken Promises: An Experiment. Gary Charness; Martin Dufwenberg

07-18 Entry Threat and Entry Deterrence: the Timing of Broadband Rollout. Mo Xiao; Peter F. Orazem  

07-19 An Experimental Study of Auctions with a Buy Price Under Private and Common Values. Quazi Shahriar; John Wooders


06-01 Indirect Effects of an Aid Program: the Case of Progresa and Consumption. Manuela Angelucci; Giacomo De Giorgi

06-02 Contestability and the Significance of the Entrant's Home Market. Utteeyo Dasgupta

06-03 Asymptotics for Statistical Treatment Rules. Keisuke Hirano; Jack R. Porter

06-04 Mixed Strategy Equilibrium [New Palgrave]. Mark Walker; John Wooders

06-05 Psychological Games [New Palgrave]. Martin Dufwenberg

06-06 Decision Theory in Econometrics [New Palgrave]. Keisuke Hirano

06-07 Economics and Property Law [New Palgrave]. Dean Lueck

06-08 Measuring the Sorting and Incentive Effects of Tournament Prizes. Tim Davies; Adrian Stoian

06-09 Irrational Gloominess in the Laboratory. Tim Davies

06-10 Estimating ATT Effects with Non-experimental Data and Low Compliance. Manuela Angelucci; Orazio Attanasio

06-11 The Framing of Games and the Psychology of Strategic Choice. Martin Dufwenberg; Simon Gachter; Hennig-Schmidt

06-12 Capacity Preemption in a Duopoly Market under Uncertainty. Jianjun Wu

06-13 Oportunidades: Program Effect on Consumption, Low Participation, and Methodological Issues. Manuela Angelucci; Orazio Attanasio

06-14 Online Auctions. Axel Ockenfels; David Reiley; Abdolkarim Sadrieh

06-15 Did Big Government's Largesse Help the Locals? The Implications of WWII Spending for Local Economic Activity, 1939-1958. Joseph Cullen; Price Fishback

06-16 The New Deal (1933-1939). Price Fishback

06-17 Striking at the Roots of Crime: The Impact of Social Welfare Spending on Crime During the Great Depression. Ryan S. Johnson; Shawn Kantor; Price Fishback

     Revised Version, May 2009


05-01 On Advertising and Price Competition. Ninghua Du.

05-02 Do Price-Matching Guarantees Facilitate Tacit Collusion? An Experimental Study. Subhasish Dugar.

05-03 Behavior in Combined Mechanisms: Auctions with a Pre-Negotiation Stage-An Experimental Investigation. Radosveta Ivanova-Stenzel; Sabine Kröger.

05-04 Bubbles and Experience: An Experiment. Martin Dufwenberg; Tobias Lindqvist; Evan Moore.

05-05 Dynamic Psychological Games. Pierpaolo Battigalli; Martin Dufwenberg.

     Revised Version, September 2005

05-06 Field Experiments on the Effects of Reserve Prices in Auctions: More Magic on the Internet. David H. Reiley

05-07 Demand Reduction in Multi-unit Auctions with Varying Numbers of Bidders: Theory and Evidence from a Field Experiment. Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans; John A. List; David Reiley

05-08 Estimation of Theoretically Plausible Demand Functions From U.S. Consumer Expenditure Survey Data. Lester D. Taylor

05-09 An Additive Double-Logarithmic Consumer Demand System. Lester D. Taylor

05-10 Chinatown: Transaction Costs in Water Rights Exchanges -- The Owens Valley Transfer to Los Angeles. Gary D. Libecap

05-11 Stripped-down Poker: A classroom Game with Signaling and Bluffing. David H. Reiley; Michael B. Urbancic; Mark Walker

05-12 U.S. Border Enforcement and the Net Flow of Mexican Illegal Migration. Manuela Angelucci

05-13 The War for the Fare: How Driver Compensation Affects Bus System Performance. Ryan M. Johnson; David H. Reiley; Juan Carlos Munoz

05-14 Price Discrimination and Resale: A Classroom Experiment. Atin Basuchoudhary; Christopher Metcalf; Kai Pommerenke; David H. Reiley; Christian Rojas; Marzena J. Rostek; James Stodder

05-15 Monopoly Quality Degradation and Regulation in Cable Television. Gregory S. Crawford; Matthew Shum

05-16 Aid Programs' Unintended Effects: The Case of Progresa and Migration. Manuela Angeluci


04-01 Small Farms, Externalities, and the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. Zeynep K. Hansen; Gary D. Libecap.

04-02 Gender & Coordination. Martin Dufwenberg; Uri Gneezy.

04-03 Market Dynamics in Edgeworth Exchange. Steven Gjerstad.

04-04 Price Competition: The Role of Gender and Education. Martin Dufwenberg; Uri Gneezy; Aldo Rustichini

04-05 Blowing the Whistle. Jose Apesteguia; Martin Dufwenberg; Reinhard Selten

04-06 Price Competition between International Airlines Alliances. Volodymyr Bilotkach

04-07 Asymmetric Regulation and Airport Dominance in International Aviation: Evidence from the London-New York Market. Volodymyr Bilotkach

04-08 Gender Composition in Teams. Martin Dufwenberg; Astri Muren

     Revised Version, August 2005

04-09 The Psychological Game of Trust. Martin Dufwenberg; Werner Guth

04-10 Supply Function Equilibria with Pivotal Electricity Suppliers. Talat Genc; Stanley S. Reynolds

04-11 The Discriminatory Incentives to Bundle in the Cable Television Industry. Gregory S. Crawford

     Revised Version, June, 2005.

04-12 Coordination of Purchasing and Bidding Activities Across Markets. Daniel D. Zeng; James C. Cox; Moshe Dror

04-13 When Does an Incentive for Free Riding Promote Rational Bidding? James C. Cox; Stephen C. Hayne

04-14 On Representative Social Capital. Charles Bellemare; Sabine Kroger

04-15 A Tractable Model of Reciprocity and Fairness. James C. Cox; Daniel Friedman; Steven Gjerstad

04-16 Learning But Not Earning? The Value of Job Corps Training for Hispanics. Alfonso Flores-Lagunes; Arturo Gonzalaz; Todd Neumann

04-17 Risk Aversion, Beliefs, and Prediction Market Equilibrium. Steven Gjerstad

04-18 Price Floors and Competition. Martin Dufwenberg; Uri Gneezy; Jacob K. Goeree; Rosemarie Nagel

     Revised Version, August 2006

04-19 Second-Mover Advantage and Price Leadership in Bertrand Duopoly. Rabah Amiry; Anna Stepanova

04-20 On Taxation Pass-Through for a Monopoly Firm. Rabah Amir; Isabelle Maret; Michael Troge

04-21 Ordinal versus Cardinal Complementarity: The Case of Cournot Oligopoly. Rabah Amir

04-22 Demand Reduction in Multiunit Auctions: Evidence from a Sportscard Field Experiment: Reply. Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans; John A. List; David H. Reiley

04-23 Price and Income Elasticities Estimated From BLS Consumer Expenditure Surveys and ACCRA Price Data. Lester D. Taylor


03-01 Auctions with a Buy Price. Stanley Reynolds; John Wooders.

03-02 Can General Appeal Win in the Marriage Market? Ramya Sundaram.

03-03 The Impact of Pace in Double Auction Bargaining. Steven Gjerstad.

03-04 The Edgeworth Exchange Formulation of Bargaining Models and Market Experiments. Steven D. Gjerstad; Jason M. Shachat.

03-05 Measurement Error in Schooling: Evidence from Samples of Siblings and Identical Twins. Alfonso Flores-Lagunes; Audrey Light.

03-06 Bounded Rationality in Laboratory Bargaining with Asymmetric Information. Timothy N. Cason; Stanley S. Reynolds.

03-07 Promises & Partnership. Gary Charness; Martin Dufwenberg.

     Revised Version, May 2006

03-08 Stability of U.S. Consumption Expenditure Patterns: 1996-1999. Lester D. Taylor.

03-09 Bidding Asymmetries in Multi-Unit Auctions: Implications of Bid Function Equilibria in the British Spot Market for Electricity. Gregory S. Crawford; Joseph Crespo; Helen Tauchen.

3-10 Local Residential Sorting and Public Goods Provision: A Classroom Demonstration, Keith Brouhle; Jay Corrigan, Rachel Croson; Martin Famham; Selhan Garip; :uba Habodaszova; Laurie Johnson; Martin Johnson; David Reiley


02-01 On the Nature of Reciprocal Motives. James C. Cox; Cary A. Deck.

02-02 Barking Up the Right Tree: Are Small Groups Rational Agents? James C. Cox; Stephen C. Hayne.

02-03 When are Women More Generous than Men? James C. Cox; Cary A. Deck.

02-04 A Tractable Model of Reciprocity and Fairness. James C. Cox; Daniel Friedman.

02-05 The Impact of Trembling on Behavior in the Trust Game. James C. Cox; Cary A. Deck.

02-06 Specialization in the Marriage Market: When is it Valuable? Ramya Sundaram.

02-07 Stable Matching in a Marriage Market When Preferences are Heterogeneous. Ramya Sundaram.

02-08 Hide and Seek in Arizona. Robert W. Rosenthal; Jason Shachat; Mark Walker.


01-01 Racial Segregation Across Industries During Economic Crises and Change: The Case of Pennsylvania, 1916-1950 Ryan S. Johnson

01-02 The Efficiency of Centralized and Decentralized Markets for Lemons. Diego Moreno; John Wooders.

    Revised Version, September 2001.

01-03 Risk Aversion and Expected-Utility Theory: Coherence for Small- and Large-Stakes Gambles. James C. Cox; Vjollca Sadiraj.

01-04 On the Economics of Reciprocity. James C. Cox.

01-05 Competition For vs On the Rails: A Laboratory Experiment. James C. Cox; Theo Offerman; Mark A. Olson; Arthur J.H.C. Schram.

01-06 Trust, Fear, Reciprocity, and Altruism. James C. Cox; Klarita Sadiraj; Vjollca Sadiraj.

01-07 Strategic Interaction in Iterated Zero-Sum Games. Giorgio Coricelli.

01-08 Behavior in a Dynamic Decision Problem: Evidence from the Laboratory. Daniel Houser, Michael Keane and Kevin McCabe.


00-01 Reputation in Internet Auctions: Theory and Evidence from eBay. Daniel Houser; John Wooders.

00-02 How Centrally Planned was China's Great Leap Forward Demographic Disaster? Daniel Houser; Barbara Sands.

00-03 Policy Research Needs Phenomenological Theories of Local Justice. Edward E. Zajac.

00-04 Rain Follows the Plow: The Climate Information Problem and Homestead Failure in the Upper Great Plains, 1890-1925. Gary D. Libecap; Zeynep Kocabiik Hansen.

00-05 Public Choice Issues in International Collective Action: Global Warming Regulation. Joseph R. Bial; Daniel Houser; Gary D. Libecap.

00-06 The Importance of Firm Cost Heterogeneity in Policy Design and Support: Differential Reaction to the Supreme Court's Rejection of New Deal Agricultural and Industrial Policies. Barbara Alexander; Gary D. Libecap.

00-07 Contracting for Property Rights. Gary D. Libecap; National Bureau of Economic Research.

00-08 Information Distortion and Competitive Remedies in Government Transfer Programs: The Case of Ethanol. Ronald N. Johnson; Gary D. Libecap.

00-09 Regulatory Remedies to the Common Pool: The Limits to Oil Field Unitization. Gary D. Libecap; James L. Smith.

00-10 Unobserved Heterogeneity and Equilibrium: An Experimental Study of Bayesian and Adaptive Learning in Normal Form Games. Jason Shachat; Mark Walker.

00-11 Trust and Reciprocity: Implications of Game Triads and Social Contexts. James C. Cox.

00-12 Equilibrium Play in Matches: Binary Markov Games. Mark Walker; John Wooders.

00-13 Bayesian Analysis of a Dynamic Stochastic Model of Labor Suply and Saving. Daniel Houser.

00-14 How Do Behavioral Assumptions Affect Structural Inference? Evidence From a Laboratory Experiment. Daniel Houser; Joachim Winter.

00-15 Individual Differences in Cooperation in a Circular Public Goods Game. Daniel Houser; Robert Kurzban.

00-17 Implications of Game Triads for Observations of Trust and Reciprocity. James C. Cox.