Economics Programs

Economics Programs

In the Economics Department, you’ll learn that our teaching is second to none: our faculty members consistently win university and national awards for their teaching.

And you’ll find that our students—our undergraduate economics majors, our MS in Economics students and our PhD students—have unusually good access to this outstanding faculty.

Our Undergraduate Programs

BA in Economics

The Economics (BA) major offers a lot of flexibility for students to explore other topics in addition to their major coursework. This major requires four semesters of foreign language and a minor.

BA Economics Major

Pre-Economics major

BSBA in Business Economics

Students enter as Pre-Business majors, and then transition to the professional phase of the Business Economics curriculum upon obtaining advanced standing through professional admission.

BSBA Business Economics Major

Pre-Business Major

Minor in Economics

To fulfill a minor in economics at the UA students must take at least 18 units of economics coursework, of which at least nine units must be upper-division.

Economics Minor

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Economics Undergraduate Programs


Our Graduate Programs

Master's in Economics

With a strong analytic and empirical focus, this program prides itself on its mastery of microeconomics. Lay the groundwork for a high-level position in the private sector or in government—or prepare to enter a PhD program.

MS in Economics

PhD in Economics

Long counted one of the world’s best departments in experimental economics and economic history, this program has a strong focus in microeconomics, particularly industrial organization, environmental economics and labor economics.

Economics Doctoral Program

Economics Education for K-12 Teachers

Office of Economic Education

Eller is here to help Southern Arizona teachers fulfill their curriculum standards requirements in economics. We offer solid content and classroom implementation techniques through our economics and personal finance workshops and teacher resources.

Economics Education for K-12 Teachers