Maintenance and Infrastructure

Infrastructure and Maintenance

Maintenance Window

The MIS ARTG team has a weekly maintenance window beginning at 8pm on Tuesdays and ending at 4am on Wednesdays for planned maintenance of all systems and services in our purview. Interruptions to user-facing systems and services are expected to occur during this period.

Outages and interruptions to user-facing systems may occur outside of our planned maintenance windows despite of our best efforts to deliver robust and resilient services. If you're experiencing an outage or service degradation outside of our planned maintenance window, you can report it on our Support Form or by e-mailing us at

We reserve the right to perform maintenance on user-facing systems outside of our planned maintenance window for emergent or critical issues.

We may perform maintenance on non-user facing systems outside of the maintenance window described above.

Server Infrastructure

Through the McKeever Family Foundation Lab, the Academic and Research Technologies Group supports MIS Department faculty and student academic computing needs through a shared computing infrastructure. Our infrastructure aims to be flexible and scalable to meet the evolving needs of our research and instruction.

MIS ARTG / McKeever Lab server environment

  • VMware ESXi vCenter Cluster (compute nodes)
    • Currently 3 hosts, scalable
    • Total processor core count: 96
    • Total logical processors count: 192
    • Total RAM: 3TB
    • Total raw local NVMe storage capacity: 6TB
  • Primary storage node
    • Total raw SSD capacity: 34TB
    • Total raw hybrid (SSD+HDD) capacity: 128TB
  • Secondary storage node
    • Total raw SSD capacity: 9.6TB
    • Total raw HDD capacity: 60TB
  • Networking
    • All data and storage networking is performed at 10Gbe.
    • Networking infrastructure, service and support is supplied by UITS Network Operations team.

Backup infrastructure

  • Backup server
    • Expandable 36-bay chassis + 60-bay JBOD
    • Total capacity: 832TB
    • 10Gbe networking
    • Offsite hosting