MIS Commons

MIS Commons


The MIS Commons is a collaborative workspace located in McClelland Hall Room 218. It was renovated in the Summer of 2019.

The MIS Commons is home to the Eller Tech Core, and provides access to Eller Business Consulting and the McKeever Family Foundation Lab.

Students are welcome to work out of the MIS Commons on their assignments. The layout of the room is particularly conducive to small group meetings and project work. 

The MIS Commons has 3 technology-enabled group work tables, each with power and a monitor that can be connected via HDMI. There are 4 large, round powered tables that can also be used for group work.

There are 2 Windows-based workstations in the MIS Commons that feature the same software available in the McKeever Lab. 

MIS Academic and Research Technology Group staff work out of the workbench in the south-east corner of the space, and out of the 218H office.

You can view the MIS Commons calendar on Google Calendar. The room is occasionally booked for special events.

When not booked for a special event, the MIS Commons is open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:45 p.m., Monday through Friday, and may be available to MIS department majors, staff and instructors via CatCard access at other times by request.

Other Spaces

The Karl and Stevie Eller Professional Development Center maintains facilities for Eller undergraduate students.

The UA Libraries has rooms and spaces for students that are walk-in or reservable.

The iSpace, in the UA's Science and Engineering Library, features technology equipment like VR, 3D printers and microcomputers.

Classroom Technology Services maintains a list of collaborative learning spaces.