MIS Scholarships and Awards


Undergraduate Awards and Scholarships

Awarded to graduating seniors in MIS and OSCM that have made significant contributions to the MIS Department through their work in MIS/OSCM student organizations and departmental programs.

Award winner year
Christopher Brown Spring 2021
Donna Doss Fall 2020
Camden Lowe Spring 2020
Brain Leatherman Fall 2019
Alessandra Laguit Fall 2018
Alexandra Wibowo Spring 2018
Caitlin McHugh Fall 2017
Sarah Harris Spring 2017
Ivan Mendez Gonzalez Fall 2016
Thao Vo Spring 2016

Awarded to graduating seniors in MIS and OM that have demonstrated academic excellence in their MIS studies.

FALL 2021

Ria Banerjee, Karl Futscher

SPring 2021

Katherine David, Heather Kirkland, Kelsey McClellan, Ryan Solaire, Hallie Srebnick, Petr Tilstrom, Trevor Volpe, Wyatt Weisel

Fall 2020
Qilun Hang, Ingrid Heim, Patrick Lang, Lars Severson, Isabella Stoesser, Keegan Wick
Spring 2020
John Curley, Samuel Feroze, Talia Hintermeister, Ryan Johnson, Jessica Miller, Jessica Wherty
Fall 2019
Morcos Boutros, Wonseok Kang, Sang Ho Kim, Ryan McCurry, Ryan Rouhani, Paul Schneider
Fall 2018
Jiatong Chen, Jinshan Chen, Signe Grant, Xiaoyu Lei, Danielle Orozco
Spring 2018
Steven Blend, Peyton Carney, Amna Mahzar, Kevin Nguyen
Fall 2017
Yi Chen, Tyler Downey, Matthew Labarre, Kathryn Lindsey, Takeshi Miyauchi, Jacqueline Mwangi
Spring 2017
Courtney Buchanan, Kory Chinn, Sean Furrier, Dorothy Fleur-De-Lis Likas, Henry Roden
Fall 2016
Rebecca Lynn Paul, Siying Tao, Kunbo Zhao
Spring 2016
Manford Jong, Lynn Konrad, Caroline Roseri, William Yee


Joelle Benson
Joelle Benson '95 BSBA (MIS). Photo courtesy Joelle Benson.

As an undergraduate Eller MIS student, Joelle Benson was given the opportunity to put into practice the cutting-edge information systems theories she learned in the classroom by working with Regents’ Professor Jay Nunamaker in his Center for the Management of Information (CMI) lab.

Within the CMI lab, Joelle helped conduct research on technology and processes that allow groups to move toward new levels of efficiency and productivity. “The MIS department gave me a solid educational foundation, and challenged me to constantly strive to achieve and succeed post-college.”

Now the Area Vice President, Workspace Solutions Group Enterprise Acquisition for Dell EMC Global Compute & Client Solutions, Joelle is giving back and providing the same type of opportunities she received to current MIS undergraduates.

Joelle’s scholarship, which is partially funded with Dell’s corporate matching program, provides MIS undergraduates the opportunity to participate in hands-on research projects involving analytics in health care during their fall and spring semesters. 

Congratulations to the following awardees:

Fall 2020: Donna Doss, Rebecca Ryan, Shelbie Deatrick, Danna Hernandez, Mirelle Joevin, Libby Merchant, Janice Vuong

Spring 2020: Aaron Massis and Maria Lacau

Fall 2019: Aaron Massis

2017: Sreya Chagarlamudi


The Joseph and Mary Cacioppo Scholarship was established to recognize Juniors who excel in MIS and who show promise for success in the business world.

Congratulations to the following awardees:

Fall 2021

  • Linnea Andersson
  • Cichen Liu
  • Reza Sanayei

Fall 2020

  • Michael McCarthy
  • Mya White 

Spring 2020

  • Luis Martinez
  • Canuto Sanchez
  • Nicole Svatek

Fall 2019:

  • Luis Martinez
  • Canuto Sanchez
  • Nicole Svatek

Spring 2017:

  • Briana Marek
  • Takeshi Miyauchi

Fall 2016:

  • Reichard, Steven John 
  • Witt,Ryan

Spring 2015

  • Cheng, Jasmine Hui-hsin
  • Wong, Jenifer

Fall 2014

  • Nguyen, Jordan Ngoc
  • Seitz, Kc James

Spring 2014

  • McKibben, David

Fall 2013

  • Wisehart, Monica

Spring 2013

  • De La Cruz, Haily
  • Ercolani, Vincent

Fall 2012

  • Jicha, Ryan
  • Jimenez, Alfred

Spring 2012

  • Fielder, Jay
  • Vandemark, Amy

Fall 2011

  • Burnell, Michael
  • Guardiola, Gabriela

Fall 2010 

  • Mora, Marina

Fall 2009

  • Good, Bryce
  • Kolofer, Ryan

The Konana Scholarship is for full-time undergraduate students at Eller who are majoring in MIS, have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA and demonstrate financial need. 

Congratulations to the following awardees:

Fall 2021

  • Jared Moon

Fall 2020

  • Jared Moon

Fall 2019

  • Craig Doughty

The Konur Family Scholarship began in 2007 and is given to MIS students who are in their second, third or fourth year of their program. Awards are made to outstanding students based on their merit and promise of success.

Congratulations to the following awardees:

Fall 2021

  • Jasmine Wong

Fall 2020

  • Desiree Capuano

Spring 2020

  • Thomas Garcia 
  • Tyler Nazifi

Fall 2019

  • Sarah Jassim
  • Brandon Parker

Spring 2017

  • Matthew Gauthier

Fall 2016

  • Alejandra Nunez Garcia

Spring 2016

  • Jennifer Monroe

Fall 2015

  • Tyler Williams

Spring 2015

  • Mounica Urity

Fall 2014 - None

Spring 2014

  • Demar Ricardo Stewart

Fall 2013 - None

Spring 2013

  • Arora, Nidhi

Fall 2012

  • Olsen, Kyle

Spring 2012

  • He, Tingting

Fall 2011

  • Dicochea, Jennifer
  • Willis, Wendelin

Fall 2010 

  • Willis, Wendelin

Fall 2009

  • Willis, Wendelin

Fall 2008

  • Mickler, Joshua

Established in 2010, the LaSalle-Chen Scholarship is available to students with advanced standing in MIS or Operations Management. The scholarship’s goal is to encourage and support students with significant academic promise that have overcome personal challenges to obtain advanced standing in MIS. The scholarship’s focus is one of encouragement and allowing students to fulfill their promise, and therefore is open to all students who obtain advanced standing in MIS regardless of their current GPA. 

The scholarship is an annual award of $1000, and is renewable as long as the student continues to make progress towards their degree and remains in good academic standing. There will be a total of 5 scholarships awarded per year.

The LaSalle-Chen Scholarship was established in honor of two MIS professors. Dr. Jim LaSalle is Professor Emeritus of the MIS Department at the University of Arizona, having served the MIS department and the University for more than 30 years as a master teacher. Dr. Hsinchun Chen is a UA Regents' Professor of MIS at the University of Arizona. He has served the MIS department and The University for 30 years and has been a prolific researcher.

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded the LaSalle-Chen Scholarship!

fall 2021

Anthony Gallegos

Norma Gutierrez

Georgina Owusu-Bio

spring 2020
Desiree Capuano Annika Etheredge Defago

Fall 2019

Brandon Parker

Craig Doughty

Sarah Jassim

Spring 2018

Daniel Dickson

Juan Pablo Penaloza


Fall 2017

 Tristan Giles

Courtney Ong

Jorge Alberto Dominguez

Spring 2017

Alan Escalante

Jacob Boubion


Fall 2016

 Alexandra K. Gomez

Jacob D. Lassiter

Marc P. Duggan

Spring 2016

Ebitie Amughan

Guadalupe Angeles

Jonathan Korth

Brek Thompson

Fall 2015

Matthew Leeper

Steven Cabrera


Spring 2015

Ebitie Thomasina Amughan

Jonathan Michael Korth


Fall 2014

Calvin Barreras

Adrian Ulises Gonzalez

Ygochukwu Ume

Spring 2014

Stephen Michael Dolan

Vincent John Ercolani

Tyson Keith

Fall 2013

Huy Quoc Nguyen

Demar Stewart


Spring 2013

John Grisham

Jennifer Sinclair


Fall 2012

Isaac Ranular Taverns

Vinh Truong

Mo Zhou

Fall 2011

Timothy R. Lujan

Louise McDermott


Fall 2010

Caryn Conde

Lavanya Harish

Jamie Meadows

Created in 2020, the Mike and Gail Stoner Scholarship was created to provide up to a full-tuition scholarship to a deserving undergraduate student(s). 

Award winners:

Fall 2021: Meagan Nichols

Fall 2020: Ryan Pinkerton 

The University of Arizona Foundation’s Outstanding Senior Awards program was established in 1971 to recognize the outstanding performances of the University's best seniors.

Every fall and spring semester, the academic departments within the Eller College nominate one graduating senior from their major for this award.

The Arizona Foundation Outstanding Senior for the Eller College is selected by a committee who interviews the individual department nominees. Final selection is made by weighing the candidates’ academic and extra-curricular achievements.

Congratulations to the following who have represented the MIS department over the years.

MIS Department Outstanding Senior Year Nominated
Adam Vella Fall 2021
Daniel Barney Fall 2020
Jayasangeetha Thanikachalam Spring 2020
Madison Stidham Fall 2019
Andras Szep Spring 2019
Courtney Ong Fall 2018
Emma Wood Spring 2018
Ben Ampel Fall 2017
Hannah Lynn Barry Spring 2017
Rebecca L. Paul** Fall 2016
Mounica Urity Spring 2016
Jieun Huh Fall 2015
Adam Eugene Crompton Spring 2015
Allison Gray Merdinger Fall 2014
Victoria Rose DeHaven Spring 2014
Lauren Wynn Fall 2013
Nidhi Arora Spring 2013
Kyle Olsen Fall 2012
Ryan FitzPatrick Spring 2012
Jennifer A. Dicochea Fall 2011
Joseph Altamirano Spring 2011
Ryan Kolfer Fall 2010
Richard Catlin Spring 2010

** indicates MIS/OM students who won the The Arizona Foundation Outstanding Senior for the Eller College.

William and Florence Schmidt believed in the importance of making available to youth the opportunity to secure a good educational foundation on which to build a better future.

The William and Florence Schmidt scholarships are awarded each year to MIS students who are making satisfactory progress toward their degree.

Congratulations to the following current and past awardees:

spring 2022
Nour Abdelhalim Linnea Andersson Jitendra Baid Veronica Borboa Jesus Corimaya
Briana Cuteri Sydney Huxtable Aaron Massis Meagan Nichols Georgina Owusu-Bio
Ishan Shah Austin Victors Katherine Wu    
fall 2021
Maxwell Baruch Justice Craig Tam Duong Kyrah Hughley Lydia Mitchell
Griffin Rettig Joseph Ross Jeffrey Wright Ming Zeng  
Fall 2020
Daniel Barney Donna Doss Ingrid Heim Patrick Lang Isabella Stoesser
Lars Severson Keegan Wick Qilun Hang Tam Duong Jasmine Wong
Ahana Singh Elizabeth Covely Heather Kirkland    
spring 2020
Jaya Thanikachalam Camden Lowe Jessica Wherty Ryan Johnson John Curley
Samuel Feroze Jessica Miller Talia Hintermeister Denisse Farias Cameron Gillette
Heather Kirkland Nicole Svatek      
Fall 2019
Madison Stidham Brian Leatherman Paul Schneider Wonseok Kang Sang Ho Kim
Ryan McCurry Morcus Boutros Ryan Rouhani Jaya Thanikachalam Cameron Gillette
Isabella Gauvreau Nicole Svatek Denisse Farias Heather Kirkland  
Spring 2017
Hannah Barry Courtney Buchanan Kory Chin Sean Furrier Matthew Gauthier
Holden Gerber Sarah Harris Hilla Hascalovici Colin Holetz Kyle Larson
Tiffany Le Natalia Lenkiewicz Dorothy Likas Danielle Orozco Jay Patel
Shivani Patel Steven Reichard Henry Roden Leila Shevins Alexandra Wibowo
Luc Zbonack        
Fall 2016
Alexandra Wibowo Colin Holez Danielle Orozco Ivan Gonzalez Kyle Larson
Natalia Lenkiewicz

Tiffany Le

Rebecca Paul Sarah Harris  
Spring 2016
Tyler Antosh Alyssa Bowles Nicholas DeJaco Sarah Harris Natalie Hayashi
Colin Holetz Manfred Jong Lynn Konrad Natalia Lenkiewicz Zachary Long
Jordan Nguyen Lakismi Punati Caroliine Roseri Nathan Schupp Mounica Urity
Thao Vo William Yee      
Fall 2015
Chen Jiang Grant Suman Jacob Gorin Jamie Storey Jieun Huh
Joshua Knapp Kirsten Smith Lakshmi Punati Laura Le Liran Zhang
Marlano Batson Michael Brown Natalia Lenkiewicz Natalie Hayashi Phyllis Cao
Sarah Harris Sergio Mada Szeyuen Chan William Johnson  Yong Xiang
Spring 2015
Beke, Sydney Bollum, Elisabeth Crompton, Adam Ercolani, Vincent He, Yang
Ja'afar, Bader Johnson, William McKibben, David Miller, Daniella Rothschild, Leah
Shevins, Leila Simmons, Elizabeth      
Fall 2014
Beke, Sydney Erceg, Alec Feng, Jie Guo, Kehua Hatcher, Nicole
Huh, Jieun Innes, Jeffery Ja'afar, Bader Johnson III, William Merdinger, Allison
Mumma, Elizabeth Rothschild, Leah Shevins, Leila    
Spring 2014
Alvarez, Andrew Botticelli, Jenna Louise Cray, Colton Crompton, Adam De La Cruz, Haily
DeHaven, Victoria Rose Jicha, Arthur Jicha, Ryan LeMontang, Kyle Raynak, Alison
Roberto, Robert Wong, Jenifer      
Fall 2013
Botticelli, Jenna Cray, Colton De La Cruz, Haily DeHaven, Victoria Doherty, Amy
Dolan, Stephen Ercolani, Vincent Jicha, Arthur Jicha, Ryan Keith, Tyson
LeMontang, Kyle Mumma, Elizabeth Roberto, Robert Wynn, Lauren  
Spring 2013
Akpan, Imoette Boscarillo, Megan Buscemi, Scott Choe, Christina DeHaven, Victoria
Johnson, Christopher LeMontang, Kyle Olinski, Timothy Olinski, Timothy Wang, Hua-ching
Warshawer, Wesley Xiao, Xiong Zhou, Mo    
Fall 2012
Akpan, Imoette Hu, Zhao Boscarillo, Megan Buscemi, Scott Buscemi, Scott
Choe, Christina DeHaven, Victoria LeMontang, Kyle Rice, Rose Vandermark, Amy
Wang, Hua-ching Warshawer, Wesley Xiao, Xiong    
Spring 2012    
Foster, Jessica Fry, Ethan Haugland, Britt LeMontang, Kyle Olsen, Kyle
Ramos, Jeff Rice, Rose Robinson, Sara Roderick, Sharon Ware, David
Fall 2011
Almond, Kristine Benjamin, Victor Bickford,Tyson Bordner, Justice Carpenter, James
Dicochea, Jennifer FitzPatrick, Ryan Fry, Ethan Goodrich, Leslie Haugland, Britt
He, Tingting Hong, Pao-Lai Meis, Samantha Miller, Ryan Park, Chung Whan
Robinson, Sara Soto, Paul Ware, David Willis, Wendelin  
Fall 2010
Benjamin, Victor Catlin, Richard Ealick, Brandon Good, Bryce Le, Teresa
Miller, Ryan Monreal, Marco Tranel, Jason Ware, David Wohlleban, David
Fall 2009
Burrows, Richard Gray, Benjamin Hamilton-Alexander, Clayton Mickler, Joshua Rogers, Clayton
Roughan, Zachary Smith, Kirsten Torres, Jesus Tranel, Jason Vazquez Saldivar, Sandra
Vo, Tracy        
Fall  2008
Bailey, David Bren, Austin Ciocanescu, Eduard Gray, Benjamin Greene, Elisabeth
Hamilton-Alexander, Clayton Huston, Luke Kennedy, Jordan Lawhorn, Kara Madrid, Nancy
Perry, John Quiroz, Angel Rosen, Terence Sanford, James Thomassee, Ross
Wycoff, William        
Fall 2007
Anderson, Diana Ciocanescu, Eduard Estrella, Jorge Hottenstein, Joshua Kim, Seung-jin
Molina, Lauro Norris, Charles Patel, Nayan Reid, Laura Thomassee, Ross
Williams, Ross Yuldashev, Alisher  

Graduate Awards and Scholarships 

This award was established in 2020 by Sagar Samtani, Assistant Professor and Grant Thornton Scholar at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and Edlin Garcia, Ph.D. Student and Presidential Diversity Fellow at the School of Public Health at Indiana University.


Samtani and Garcia are both first generation US citizens. Samtani’s parents immigrated from India, while Garcia’s parents immigrated from El Salvador. Samtani earned his Ph.D. in 2018 (MIS), MSMIS in 2014 and BSBA (MIS) in 2013 from the University of Arizona. Garcia earned her Masters of Public Health at the University of South Florida in 2019 and her BA in Global Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2013. Education, diversity, work-ethic, and inclusiveness have played an essential role in both of their lives. 

"Oftentimes, it is one experience in life that can help shape a professional career. Attending a conference, introductions at professional meetings, and professional trainings can all provide the seeds to launch an exciting and high-impact career. This award aims to provide a mechanism for first-generation graduate students for professional development purposes. We hope that students can use these funds to expand the diversity of well-trained professionals in the workforce, specifically in the areas of computing, cybersecurity, and healthcare. " 

Award winners

Fall 2020

  • Shane Burton
  • Yaying Lin 

Undergraduate/Graduate Awards and Scholarships

Established in 2020, the Chen-Chow Bear Down Scholarship is available to students from under-represented groups, with a goal toward engaging students from Native Nations in the Eller College and MIS. Students of Native American descent, as well as students who have a demonstrated interest in the Hispanic and Black American cultures, are encouraged to apply, regardless of their current GPA. 

The Scholarship is part of the Bear Down Scholars Program that provides opportunities for scholarship recipients to engage in activities designed to help them be successful at Eller and to increase their understanding of what MIS is and what a job in MIS might look like.

The Chen-Chow Bear Down Scholars Program was established by Dr. Hsinchun Chen and his wife, Dr. Hsiao-Hui (Sherry) Chow. Dr. Hsinchun Chen is a Regents Professor and holds the Brown Family Chair in Management and Technology, in the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona. He has served the MIS department and the University for over 30 years and has been a prolific researcher. Dr. Sherry Chow is a Research Professor of Medicine at the University of Arizona Cancer Center. She has led the cancer center’s Analytical Chemistry Shared Resource since 2001 and co-led the Cancer Prevention and Control program since 2015.

Both Drs. Chen and Chow have worked with Native American students in health and technology at UArizona over the years and have strong affinity with Native American culture and heritage.

Award winners

SPRING 2022  

Myriam Acosta

Paige Begody

Jaisen Brown

Isabel Fimbres

Moreya Howell

Sergio Iglesias-Ayala

Natalie Luna Netawn Marsoobian

Aaron Reyes

Joseph Ross
Kiernan Sherman  
FALL 2021
Moreya Howell
Netawn Marsoobian
Joseph Ross
Kiernan Sherman
FALL 2020
Bear Down Technology Scholar Award Bear Down Trailblazer Scholar Award
Keishaun Aspaas Christopher Alonzo
  Shane Ashley
  Keishaun Aspaas
  Jaisen Brown
  Isaac Desjarlais
  Mikal Gene
  Joshua Lambert
  Cheyanna Shepaerd

Established in 2020, the David C. Spinelli Perseverance Award is being established to support an award for a full-time student(s) in the Eller College of Management in the Department of Management Information Systems who is persevering in the face of great difficulties, to be used for the recipient(s) educational expenses. 

Award winners

Fall 2020

  • Donna Doss
  • Mayukh Bhattacharyya 

PhD Awards and Scholarships

The Alan Dennis PhD Travel Fund is an award given to a total of 2 PhD students each academic year to support student travel to an academic conference. Alan R. Dennis is a Professor of Information Systems and holds the John T. Chambers Chair of Internet Systems in the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. His research focuses on fake news on social media, AI agents, team collaboration, and the Internet. 

Award Winners 


  • Saiying (Tina) Ge
  • Kyuhan Lee


  • Sandeep Suntwal
  • Xuan Wei 

The INFORMS Information Systems Society (ISS) invites submissions for the Nunamaker-Chen Dissertation Award (NCDA). The NCDA is named in honor of two University of Arizona professors, Jay Nunamaker and Hsinchun Chen, who have made significant contributions to the field of Information Systems over the past several decades. The NCDA has been created to recognize and reward outstanding dissertation research by scholars in the field of Information Systems.  The winner of the 2018 Nunamaker-Chen Dissertation Award will receive a US$1000 prize.

More information on this award can be found HERE 


  • Avinash Collis, University of Texas at Austin


  • Yoonseock (Yoon) Son, University of Notre Dame
  • Yang Jiang, Nanjing University, China
  • Sameer Mehta, University of Illinois
  • Jingchuan Pu, Pennsylvania State University
  • Lanfei Shi, University of Virginia


  • Yingjie Zhang, University of Texas at Dallas


  • Veronica Marotta, University of Minnesota
  • Shunyuan Zhang , Harvard Business School
  • Mingwen Yang , University of Washington
  • Shuo Yu , Texas Tech University


  • Mochen Yang, Indiana University


  • Manmohan Aseri, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Sagar Samtani, University of South Florida
  • Xue (Jane) Tan, Indiana University

2017 WINNER 

  • Yi-Jen Ian Ho, Penn State


  • Tianshu Sun, U of Southern California
  • Zike Cao, Erasmus University

The James F. LaSalle Teaching Excellence Award is given every spring to an MIS graduate student instructor who exemplifies the best of teaching and who is following Jim LaSalle's example of excellence in the classroom. This award was established in honor of Professor Jim LaSalle who taught at the Eller College for more than 40 years and was the professor cited by the most students as having had an impact on their undergraduate education. LaSalle retired from teaching in 2004 and, according to UA’s Alumni Association, taught more than 50,000 students during his UA teaching career.

Award winners: 

Past Awardees

  • 2021 - Mohammadreza Ebrahimi 
  • 2019 - Jiaheng Xie
  • 2017 - Karthik Srinivasan
  • 2016 - Sagar Samtani
  • 2015 - Rich Yueh
  • 2014 - Mark Grimes
  • 2013 - Justin Giboney
  • 2012 - Yi-Da Chen
  • 2011 - Katherine Carl
  • 2010 - Heong Lee
  • 2009 - Nichalin Suakkaphong
  • 2008 - Eyran Gisches
  • 2007 - Siddharth Kaza
  • 2006 - Matthew Jensen

The Nunamaker-Chen MIS Doctoral Scholarship was established in 2013 in honor of two University of Arizona MIS Regents’ professors, Jay Nunamaker and Hsinchun Chen, who have made significant contributions to the field of Information Systems over the past four decades.

Only two awards (of $1,500 each) are given each fall. The recipients are selected by the MIS PhD committee for their hard work, determination and commitment to the MIS tradition, particularly that of design science research. The scholarship provides a stipend for incoming PhD students in their first year of study.

Award winners: 

*Fall 2020 

  • Raja Hasnain Anwar
  • Yanan Wang

Fall 2019

  • Benjamin Ampel 
  • Steven Ullman

Fall 2018

  • Fang Yu Lin
  • Xinran (Rebecca) Wang

Fall 2017

  • Yuanxia Li
  • Hao Liu

Fall 2016

  • Kyuhan Lee
  • Sandeep Suntwal

Fall 2015

  • Bradley Walls
  • Jiaheng Xie

Fall 2014

  • Luwen Huangfu
  • Shuo Yu

Fall 2013

  • Bradley Dorn
  • Steve Pentland

*The COVID-19 pandemic has delayed the Fall 2020 award

The Paul S. and Shirley Goodman award was established in 1997 by former MIS professor Seymour Goodman in honor of his parents Paul S. and Shirley Goodman.

The award is given to MIS doctoral students who excel professionally in the study of international developments in the field of computer science.

Seymour (Sy) E. Goodman is professor of International Affairs and Computing at the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs and the College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology. He also serves as co-director of the Center for International Strategy, Technology and Policy, and co-director of the Georgia Tech Information Security Center.

Goodman studies international developments in information technologies and related public policy issues. In this capacity, he has more than 200 publications and served on many academic, government and industry advisory, study and editorial committees.

He has been the international perspectives editor for the Communications of the ACM for the last 19 years and has studied computing on all seven continents in about 100 countries.

He recently served as chair of the committee on Improving Cybersecurity Research in the United States, National Research Council and as a member of the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board of the National Academies of Science and Engineering.

Award winners