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Invest in the Department of Management Information Systems for the future of information technology and security in Arizona and beyond.

The importance of private support for the MIS department has never been greater. Gifts from alumni and other friends assist our students and faculty and enhance our unique learning environment. It is private philanthropy that keeps the MIS department among the very best public university departments in the nation.

Your generous contribution helps us attract and retain the very best teachers and scholars while ensuring admission to the most talented students, regardless of financial need. Your support also provides the much-needed flexibility to offer compelling activities beyond the classroom which challenge our students to successfully prepare for their professional careers.

Your gift provides the margin of excellence in all we do. Thank you.

There are three opportunities to support MIS: invest in students, invest in research and teaching and invest in the MIS Fund for Excellence. Learn more about these opportunities below:

Invest in Students

An integral aspect of our highly ranked programs is to expose students to real-world experiences so that they are best prepared for their professional future. Gaining real-world exposure excites students and gives them the opportunity to investigate the many exciting realms of MIS.

As one student stated after taking a behind-the-scenes visit to the Phoenix Suns venue US Airways Center. "We had the opportunity to talk with the CIO and other Suns staff and see all the communication hardware that connects the media, the officials, the network, the internet, the players and more. Overall it was inspiring to see a career where I could combine the technology with business, marketing and public relations. It really helped me answer questions about MIS and clarify my career goals."

We need your help to provide quality student experiences beyond the textbook. Any contribution amount is greatly appreciated.

Where your contribution will be used

  • Student transportation, meals and snacks provided during industry field trips
  • Student food and supplies for in-house informational sessions and meetings
  • Stipends for students who help manage and organize field trips, information sessions and meetings

Invest in MIS Students

Invest in MIS Research and Teaching

Today’s MIS research can transform the business practice of tomorrow. Our research also advances MIS as a science and a profession.

Effective teachers can motivate and inspire students to reach their potential even when the students feel they can’t.

Investing in MIS teaching and research make it possible for us to launch new and highly promising initiatives, to sustain current productive programs, to recruit new students and researchers, to grow an endowment for the future, and to support the fundamental needs of a vibrant organization. The generosity of donors like you can accelerate the pace at which we can make important MIS discoveries that have the capability of changing the future of business and lives of our students.

Where your contribution will be used

  • Software, hardware and technology enhancements for teaching and research activities
  • Tools, equipment, books, furniture, accessories etc. for teaching and research

View our faculty's accomplishments.

Invest in MIS Research and Teaching

Invest in MIS Fund for Excellence

Hosting and attending conferences is an important aspect of professional development in the MIS community. Conferences bring people together to network, share ideas and inspire each other. For junior faculty and/or students, conferences provide the opportunity to run elbows with senior researchers whose work has been admired over the years. Those contacts may result in a new collaboration or even lead to a future post doc opportunity. 

For seasoned researchers, conferences provide the opportunity to see how others solved similar problems, which may help move them past the roadblock in their own research.

In addition to providing funds for conference needs, the MIS Fund for Excellence seeks contributions to help upgrade departmental facilities. Items like new refrigerators, chairs, tables and copiers. Any contribution amount is greatly appreciated.

Where your contribution will be used

  • Hosting MIS academic and industry conferences
  • Registration and travel expenses to conferences for faculty and students
  • Upgrade departmental equipment, appliances and furniture

Invest in MIS Excellence