Barry Goldman Featured in WalletHub


Barry Goldman, associate professor of management and organizations and McClelland Fellow in the Eller College of Management, has been featured in a recent Wallethub article regarding the best places for summer jobs.

Goldman mentioned that after speaking to some of his students, the market for summer and fulltime jobs seemed to be slower than in past years.

“Whether that is because of a recession or the fear of a possible recession, I cannot say,” he says. “As for summer jobs, there is still an abundance of the usual kinds of jobs—retail, service and sales jobs. What is more scarce are the enhanced internships with abundant benefits.”

Goldman joined the Eller College of Management in 1998 after receiving his PhD in Human Resources and Organizational Behavior at the University of Maryland. Prior to academia, he was an attorney with the U.S. General Accounting Office in addition to two private law firms. His areas of expertise include human resource management, conflict management and negotiation, organizational justice, employee legal-claiming and social exchange.