Making an Impact, One Person at a Time: Bryan Logarta ’20 BSBA (Business Management)

Jan. 14, 2020

Bryan Logarta

“People are my passion. I want to make a positive impact on every single person I encounter and pursuing a business education has helped make that dream a reality,” says Bryan Logarta BSBA ’20 (Business Management).

Logarta graduated from high school in 2007 and went straight into the workforce. Guided by his love for people, he found himself a perfect fit in the hospitality industry and started working for a Marriott Hotel in San Francisco as a guest service representative. He loved this people-oriented career where he learned how to be a supportive team member, interact with others and make them feel welcome.

“After ten years of working in the hotel industry, I decided a business degree could complement my hospitality work and serve as an opportunity to refine my people skills,” says Logarta. “Originally, I had no idea what Eller was or even where it was until my wife suggested it. When I found that Eller has fantastic rankings and fosters an environment that challenges students to participate and be engaged, I knew I had to apply.”


Bryan Logarta
Bryan Logarta ’20 BSBA (Business Management)

However, Logarta found that this transition from the workforce to college was no simple task—he had to learn how to be a student all over again. “There were so many factors I hadn’t considered,” he says. “I had to revisit my study habits, get accustomed to participating in a learning environment and learn how to use new technologies and platforms.”

Though these changes made it difficult for Logarta to initially navigate his new surroundings, he committed himself to making each and every person he encountered feel at home at Eller. “I wanted not only to be a successful student myself, but to also encourage others to be successful,” says Logarta. “Whether it be assisting someone with their assignment, giving advice or even stopping to chat with someone, I never wanted to be too busy to support someone. Even the smallest interactions can make a difference.”

Logarta also made it a point to be involved in the Eller community, and is currently serving as the president of the Eller Management Association. He’s also an active member of both the Federation of Eller Student Organizations (FESO) and the Associated Students of University of Arizona, two programs dedicated to supporting Eller undergraduate students in their college journeys. One of his favorite events to be a part of is Eller Make a Difference Day, an event where Wildcats come together to volunteer in the Tucson community.

Logarta has had the opportunity while at Eller to help countless others in pursuing their own goals and dreams. Whether he decides to return to hospitality or try out a different industry, Logarta knows he wants to continue helping others. “I can confidently say that Eller has provided me with not only an education, but more opportunities to grow,” he says. “And I’m excited for what comes next.”