Eller Undergraduate Student Organizations

Eller Undergraduate Student Organizations

The Eller College supports a wide array of student organizations.

Get engaged by joining an Eller Club! There are many benefits to joining a club whether you are a Foundational or Professional Major student. Some of these benefits include community building, networking opportunities, professional development and leadership opportunities.

Eller Clubs

Interested in getting involved in an academic, professional or social organization? It's a great way to make friends; network with fellow students, faculty, alumni and business representatives; and learn about the business world.

Take a look at our current list of active FESO groups:

Organization Organization description Relevant Links Meeting Location
and Time
Accounting Student Association Beta ASAB is a club for all accounting students and accounting-interested
students. We meet with different accounting firms and learn about them
and their professional business skills. We also have social, service, and exam proctoring events.

Tuesdays at 5:00 PM (Bi-



$20/Semester plus $75 Inital Semester

AdCats AdCats is the University of Arizona's first student-run advertising team.
Our unique perspective will provide the communication solutions
necessary to solve company needs. As students, the hands-on work
experience collected through real-word opportunities serves as our principal reward.
Instagram Wednesdays at 5:30 PM
Application and interview required
American Indigenous
Business Leaders
AIBL’s mission is to increase the representation of American Indians and
Alaska Natives in business and entrepreneurial ventures through
education and leadership development opportunities. The organization
provides students with the ability to hear from guest speakers, attend
conferences, provides mentorship and internship opportunities, and more.
  Fridays at 3:30 PM
American Marketing Association AMA provides members with a better understanding of marketing. Our
meetings consist of professional development workshops, guest speakers
(networking opportunities!), social events, and more!
  Tuesdays at 6:30 PM



Arizona Consulting Club ACC focuses on educating students on the different consulting industries
students can enter out of undergrad. We make it a fun and exciting
experience through hosting case competitions, inviting guest speakers to ACC, and hosting an annual networking trip!
  Tuesdays at 5:00 PM (Bi-weekly)


$20/Semester or $35/Year

Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA) ALPFA is a Premier Latino organization focused on knowledge, network,
action creating generational impact in Hispanic communities
LinkedIn Wednesdays at 6:00 PM


$30/Semester or $50/Year

Business of Entertainment Club  BOE bridges the gap between students that are studying within the
business field and want to work within the entertainment industry. We
bring in U of A alumni to come speak at every meeting who are individuals
that work for, example Disney, Hulu, NBCUniversal, Savage X Fenty and more.
  Wednesdays at 6:00 PM


$30/Semester or $40/Year

Business of Fashion
BOFA is focused on the corporate side of the fashion industry providing
connections to professional in fashion and retail companies.
  Tuesdays at 6:00 PM (Bi-
Commercial Real Estate Club CREC prepares their members to work in many different areas of real
estate, equipping them with key tools and certifications to be successful.

Wednesdays at 7:00 PM




Application and interview required

DECA (Collegiate DECA) Collegiate DECA is an organization that prepares emerging leaders and
entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and
management in colleges around the globe.
Website Mondays at 5:00 PM


$65/Semester or $80/Year 

Delta Sigma Pi DSP is a professional business fraternity that fosters the study of business
within universities. We focus on professional and personal development throughout our members college experience.
  Thursdays at 7:00 PM



Application and interview required

Eller African American Honorary EAAH is an organization that promotes diversity and inclusiveness. We also help our members elevate the skills that are taught through
networking, professional development and service.
Website Mondays at 6:00 PM (Bi-weekly)



Eller Ambassadors Honorary  As Eller Ambassadors, we represent the Eller College of Management to
prospective families and students through both virtual and in-person events including tours of McClelland Hall.
  Tuesdays at 6:00 PM (Bi-



Eller College Chinese Student Council  ECCSC acts as a student representation group for Chinese students in the Eller College. Website Wednesdays at 5:00 PM



Eller College Dean's Council Made up of Eller students across various involvements throughout the college, the Eller College Dean’s Council serves as a direct liaison between students, faculty & college administrators, in an effort to better the Eller experience.  



5:00 PM

Must receive a nomination from Eller faculty
Eller Diversity Leadership Council EDLC provides academic and professional resources to first-year students through the LEAD program.  



2:30 PM

Must be admitted into the LEAD program first
Eller Economics Society EES is a dynamic and engaging student organization dedicated to fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for economic principles within the academic community. Comprising passionate undergraduate and graduate students with diverse backgrounds and interests, the club serves as a platform for intellectual exploration, collaboration, and networking.   Thursdays at 5:00 PM


$15/Semester or $25/Year


Eller Golf Club Eller Golf Club exposes its members to professional life through the realm
of golf, while teaching important skills, as well as the game.
  Mondays at 5:00 PM


$30/Semester or $50/Year

Eller Hispanic Honorary  EHH fosters the success of young Hispanic or Latinx business
professionals. We help them develop professionally through events,
meetings, and connecting them with recruiters. We also provide them
with a home away from home through social events.
Website Mondays at 6:00 PM



Application and interview required

3.25 minimum GPA

Eller Leadership Board  ELB acts as the parent club for E.R.P., a top 5% first-year students business experience. ELB organizes and runs all meetings, while mentoring the first-year students involved.    TBD Must be admitted into the E.L.I.T.E. program first
Eller Management Association  EMA provides the opportunity to gain hands on experience in the
business management industry. EMA members will have opportunities to
learn from industry professionals through various networking events.
Website Wednesdays at 6:00 PM


$30/Semester or $50/Year

Application required

Eller Professional Sales Club EPSC is a professional development club with an emphasis on B2B sales.
Each semester we have guest speakers, travel competitions, participate in service projects, and teach sales skills.

Tuesdays at 6:30 PM



$55/Semester for new members & $35/Semester for returning members

Application required

Eller Social Media Club ESMC provides information about personal or professional usage of social
media. We bring in professionals to learn about career paths, tools, and experience.

Wednesdays at 6:00 PM



$25/Semester or $45/Year

Eller Transfer Ambassadors ETA is an organization dedicated to promoting the leadership of transfer
business students at the Eller College of Management. ETA's mission includes advocating for and advancing transfer students through
professional development, community building, and service initiatives.



Financial Modeling Club FMC’s objective is to introduce students to the practical aspects of financial modeling. We aim to enhance students' understanding of
business problems & improve their ability to problem-solve using Excel.
  Wednesdays at 6:00 PM
No requirements to join
Investments Club  Investments Club works to expose its members to a variety of financial-related opportunities and provides real-world experience through immersive programs and networking trips.   Tuesdays at 6:00 PM



Management Information Systems Association  MISA is a club to further the education of MIS and OSCM. We host coding
workshops and have guest speakers discuss the tech industry.
  Thursdays at 5:00 PM


$25/Semester or $40/Year

Multicultural Business Student Association  MBSA is a club that helps students in all majors develop professional
development, gain a sense of community, and network with other students and professionals alike!
  Mondays at 5:00 PM


$15/Semester or $20/Year

Phi Gamma Nu-
Business Fraternity
PGN is a professional business fraternity dedicated to creating the leaders of tomorrow. PGN creates an environment of growth, by applying the
skills learned inside the classroom to navigate the workplace and reinvent the world of our future leaders.
  Wednesdays at 7:00 PM
PREMIER Alumni Council 

PAC serves as mentors and leaders to first year students participating in the PREMIER program. PAC facilitates the PREMIER program and provides professional development support to their PREMIER mentees.




8:00 AM

Must be admitted into the PREMIER program first
Professional Women in Business Association  PWBA is a female-founded and operated club dedicated to creating an
empowering community of undergraduate women committed to learning, leadership, and personal growth.
  Wednesdays at 5:30 PM


$35/Semester or $60/Year

Application and interview required

Sexuality and Gender Equality (SAGE) Board SAGE is an advisory board working to make Eller more inclusive for
LGBTQ+ students by hosting a variety of events.
  Mondays at 4:15 PM
Sports Management Association SMA brings in professionals in the sports industry to talk to our members
and help them grow their network. We also offer numerous volunteering
opportunities with Arizona Athletics and the Tucson Roadrunners to help our members get their foot in the door in working in sports.

Tuesdays at 7:00 PM (Bi-




Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations SCNO is centered around community development and student growth through training and hands-on consulting experience. During a typical semester we have 2-3 live clients where you and your team will be given a semester-long project to help solve a real-life business issue within a company. Throughout the semester you work on this project and we have various keynote speakers who work in Eller, nonprofit organizations, and more. Website



7:00 PM




Student Entrepreneurship Association      TBD TBD
TAMID TAMID Group is a nonprofit organization that develops the professional skills of undergraduate students through hands-on interaction with the Israeli economy. The focus is on finance and consulting, allowing students
to get hands-on experience and compete in case competitions.



Tuesdays at 7:00 PM
Application and interview required
Women in Economics Club WEC is dedicated to promoting diversity within the field of Economics
within the field of Economics here at the UofA and beyond. We welcome people of all majors, genders, and backgrounds.
Instagram Wednesdays at 5:30 PM
$20/Semester or $35/Year


Federation of Eller Student Organizations (FESO)

The Federation of Eller Student Organizations (FESO) was created in the Spring of 2003 and is designed to be a member organization dedicated to the support of Eller College undergraduate students in their pursuit of knowledge, skills, leadership and community activities. 

Student organizations are eligible to join FESO if they are recognized by the ASUA and have a significant proportion of their mission dedicated to furthering the interest of students studying business. Specifically, 80 percent of the organization's members must be business or Pre-Business/Business Management majors or minors. 

Student organizations that join FESO will benefit from the following:

  • Administrative support and guidance
  • Assistance with room scheduling
  • Marketing services—Eller College listserv announcements, meeting announcements, bulletin boards, digital signage and involvement fairs
  • Resource and equipment rental assistance for events, fundraisers and recruiting
  • Rental of storage space and a mail collection

Student organizations may apply for FESO status with the above eligibility through the following process.

Proof of Concept

With the large influx of student clubs and organizations already involved with the Eller College, we want to ensure that new clubs being established under FESO are different than the already existing clubs, have enough student interest, and a solidified plan for execution. Below are the important materials needed and requirements for new clubs:

1. ASUA Recognition

The first prerequisite to getting FESO recognized is first gaining ASUA Recognition. ASUA recognition is usually open for a few weeks at the beginning and end of each semester. Clubs not ASUA recognized will not be considered for FESO.

2. Cover Letter

Students trying to create a new club will need to submit a 1-page cover letter identifying the benefits of their club to students, differentiation from other existing FESO organizations, the business purpose of the club, and reason for wanting to be FESO recognized.

The decision on whether to accept new organizations is based on whether they are different enough from already existing ones and have met the requirements that quantify them as true Eller organization with a business purpose. This will be decided by a majority vote from the following voting committee:

  • FESO Student Coordinator
  • Leadership and Engagement Coordinator
  • Manager of Events, Leadership, and Marketing
  • Associate Dean of Undergraduate
  • Representatives from potentially related organization

If the voting committee accepts the new club in the Federation of Eller Student Organizations, the founders will need to provide documentation needed for recognition.

3. Membership Requirements

Every successful club must have enough students who are interested and an executive board. New clubs will need to indicate:

  • At least 15 people interested in joining the club (80 percent must be Pre-business/Foundational Business Management or Eller Professional major Students)
  • Three people willing to serve on executive board (President, Treasurer, one other position)
  • No more 30 percent of your charter members can be graduating Seniors

4. Club Constitution

This constitution must follow the ASUA guidelines outlined on their club recognition website and add a segment about the FESO responsibilities of the club.

5. Advisor 

Each club is required to have a faculty advisor, to be FESO recognized this person must be Eller Faculty or Staff. If you already have a non-Eller advisor, we ask that you find a faculty member in the college to support your club as well.

6. Semester Plan

We want to understand your plan for the long term of your club. As part of the recognition process we are requiring a semester calendar that outlines the type of meetings, activities and other important club dates that will take place this semester. This should also serve as a way for us to tell interested students what to expect. New clubs will be on a probationary period for two semesters after they are recognized, this will require you to abide by the following attendance policy, maintain excellent communication with FESO and stay on good terms with the UA, ASUA, and Eller.

7. Required Attendance

FESO holds several meetings throughout the year for all club members. Your club must send at least one club representative to each of the following events:

  • Presidents’ Dinner with Deans
  • Presidents’ Brunch
  • Spring Follow-Up Meeting
  • All Monthly Forums
  • Eller Make a Difference Day
  • Fall & Spring Club Fairs
  • Any other large FESO events taking place that year*

Email full proposal to Assistant Director, Undergraduate Engagement and Belongingness Veronica Atondo at vatondo@eller.arizona.edu

Student organizations that join FESO will be responsible for the following:

  • Maintain yearly recognition with ASUA.
  • Submit all fully completed forms/renewal requests at the end of each each Fall/Spring: FESO Application and a current constitution must be on file.
  • Maintain current organization and member information; updated information must be regularly reported to the FESO Student Coordinator.
  • Pay all dues for the following academic year. Late fees apply for all dues submitted after this date.
  • Club presidents and one additional e-board member must attend scheduled FESO events.
  • Club presidents must have an Eller major. If a club has co-presidents, at least one co-president must have an Eller major.
  • Officers in FESO organizations must maintain good academic standing within the Eller College and the University of Arizona (including but not limited to grade point average, academic integrity, code of conduct, etc.).
  • All FESO members understand that they represent the positive image of the Eller College and The University of Arizona at all times. Illegal behavior including member hazing could result in a code of conduct case and/or revocation of FESO membership.
  • Club information, Standards of Excellence and other reporting requirements must be submitted by the applicable deadlines each semester. Reporting will be used for the selection of the Outstanding Student Organizations of the Year Awards, which will be presented at the Night with the Stars Awards Banquet in May.

FESO Membership Cycle

The FESO membership cycle is one full academic year beginning in summer and continuing through the fall and spring semesters.

Fall Semester

  • Fall Club Fair
  • President's Symposium with the Dean
  • Eller Make A Difference Day
  • FESO Forums and Training

Spring Semester

  • Spring Club Fair
  • Presidents' Symposium
  • FESO Forums and Training

FESO Sponsorship

FESO Clubs are encouraged to source private and corporate sponsorships. However, if sponsorship amounts approach $1,000 from an individual donor we ask that clubs notify Eller Undergraduate Programs as our Employer Relations team can work with the donor to build their contribution portfolio. This will not reduce the amount of support that the club will receive. 

Student organizations that join FESO will be responsible for paying $125 in dues for each full academic year. Membership dues are waived for the first full academic year/semester for new organizations.

FESO dues are collected in May and will provide the organization with formal recognition as an Eller student organization and all the benefits.

A $25 late fee will be added to the regular $125 FESO dues if they are submitted after the deadline.

Dues go toward the following items to support student leadership activities:

  • Use of equipment, technology and supplies
  • Club Banners and marketing support/materials 
  • Formal recognition as an Eller student organization
  • FESO Events

Acceptable Forms of Payment

Payment of your FESO dues may be made by check or money order. Cash cannot be accepted.

Checks or money orders should be made out to The University of Arizona.

FESO 2023-2024 Club Awards

On behalf of the Eller College of Management, Eller Undergraduate Programs, and the Federation of Eller Student Organizations, congratulations to the FESO 2023-2024 Club Award Winners!

Outstanding Clubs

Outstanding FESO Club– Eller Hispanic Honorary

Best Large Club– Sports Management Association

Best Small Club– Business of Entertainment 

Other Awards and Recognitions

President of the Year– Madeline Ashbeck, Professional Women in Business Association

Advisor of the Year–Bill Neumann, American Indigenous Business Leaders

Best Networking Trip Award–Delta Sigma Pi

Best Social Media/PR Award–Eller Leadership Board

Leader in Philanthropy Award-Women in Economics

FESO Start-Up - Phi Gamma Nu

Best Collaborative Activity Award-Arizona Consulting Club & Eller Professional Sales Club - Campus Pantry Drive 

Return on Investment Award–Eller College Dean's Council

Best Eller Mentorship  Award-DECA

FESO Standards of Excellence

Gold–Association of Latino Professionals for America & Accounting Student Association Beta

Silver–Management Information Systems Association & Eller Ambassadors Honorary

Bronze–PREMIER Alumni Council & Business of Fashion Association

Thank you all for your hard work this year, giving back to the Eller College, and enhancing the Eller Experience for every single one of your members!

Additional Resources for Clubs

Eller student organizations must follow these marketing protocols when advertising their organizations and events at McClelland Hall:

Put It on a Grey Board
Student organizations may hang flyers and/or posters on any gray fabric board in McClelland Hall’s first floor classrooms and/or hallway. Staples work better than push pins or thumb tacks on the gray fabric boards.

Show It's Eller
Including “Eller Student Organization” on the bottom right corner of the flyer or poster will help custodians recognize that your posting is permitted on the gray fabric boards.

If It's Not Eller, Don't Post It
Only flyers from UA-related entities are to be posted in McClelland Hall. No commercial flyers are permitted. As an exception, recruiters may advertise on-campus recruiting dates.

Tape is Bad!
Do not hang any flyers and/or posters on any surface that requires tape (this includes walls, doors, windows, columns, floors, elevators, mirrors, etc). Any student organization that hangs flyers and/or posters in these locations will be asked to remove them immediately and will be responsible for any damages or charges incurred.

Banners Need Approval
Banners that need to be hung must be approved by Eller's Director of Facilities Gina Wallen and Eller's Assistant Dean of Marketing and Communications Amy Schmitz.

In the Estes Atrium
One flyer may also be posted on the small portable bulletin board in the Estes Atrium, McClelland Hall second floor. Push pins work best on this board.

Reduce, Reuse, Remove
Flyers are removed when event date has passed. If a flyer has no event date or cannot be recognized as UA-related, it may be removed at any time.

The Policy Rules
If you see something posted in way that does not conform to this policy, it does not mean that the policy has changed. You must still follow this policy when hanging flyers, banners and posters at McClelland Hall.