Eller Student Excellence Fund

Eller Student Excellence Fund

The Eller Student Excellence Fund provides students and student organizations with funding for events that will benefit their learning and development.

One percent of the money accumulated through Eller differential fees has been set aside for the Excellence Fund. The ESEF allocates money from the Student Enrichment Fund each semester through a number of grants. All awarded grants require that the parties involved present what was gained/learned/experienced to the ESEF student board. The Eller Student Excellence Fund board consists of five Eller student leaders and two non-voting staff members. 

Mission Statement

The mission of this funding is to maximize student learning and engagement opportunities and improve the experience for Eller College of Management students. 

ESEF Funding Requirements and Application

Criteria to apply: (See application for full details) 

  • Students must be:

    • Professionally admitted to Eller or
    • Eller Pre-Business/Foundational Business Management majors or
    • BA economics majors
  • Organizations requesting funding must be FESO-recognized
  • Requests benefit not only the students participating but also the Eller community as a whole
  • The budget must be well thought out, descriptive, and realistic.
  • Organizations  should have a sponsoring advisor (faculty member, career coach or academic advisor).
  • Pre/post travel review/coaching or competition preparation will be required
  • Applicants should expect to provide some personal funding. Typically ESEF does not fund more than $1,000 for a request.
  • Clear University of Arizona business purpose, ie. How purchase benefits The University of Arizona as much or more than the individual student(s). 
  • Submit all pre-departure paperwork (risk and release form etc.) and post event/conference requirements (presentation, blog post, etc.) as determined by the board. 

Funding will be distributed as follows:

  • Expense reimbursement to the individual students (receipts must be kept)
  • Direct purchases by the Undergraduate Department
  • Direct purchases by ESEF

*Cannot reimburse if personal credit is used, ie. Uber credit or travel points

The application for funding must be completed in full and according to directions. If a club or individual fails to meet any part of the board’s requirements, they will not be considered as an applicant until the application is correctly completed. We do recommend submitting requests early so that revisions can be made as the board meets weekly. 

In preparing your application, thoroughly plan your event and contact all vendors to be certain your plans are acceptable to them. Our office can advise you of steps to take and work with you, but will not make any arrangements for your event.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis each semester and applicants will be notified on their status for funds within a week of the board meeting. Applications should be submitted at least two weeks before the date of the event to guarantee review. In order to keep costs at a minimum, we ask that applications requesting funds for airfare be submitted two months prior to the event date. 



Previously funded projects include:

Current Board Members

  • Carlos Armando Alvarez-Macias '23 BSBA (Marketing)
  • Karla Veronica Arvizu '25 BSBA (Foundational)
  • Tanya Jimenez '24 BSBA (Accounting)
  •  Jacquelyn Burton Quesada '25 BSBA (Foundational)
  • Oliver Stoner-German '26 (Foundational)
  • Advisor: Barbara Lundquist, Business Manager, Undergraduate Programs, Eller College of Management
  • Advisor: Veronica Atondo, Assistant Director, Engagement and Belongingness, Undergraduate Programs, Eller College of Management

For additional information, please contact Barbara Lundquist, Business Manager, Undergraduate Programs Office.