Finance PhD Student in Good Standing


Throughout the PhD program, Finance Department faculty will review each student's performance to ensure that he/she has demonstrated an aptitude for and an ability to study the material required to develop skills as a solid financial researcher. The decision by the faculty to allow a student to continue in the program and be considered a Student in Good Standing will be made on a semester-by-semester basis. Students must be considered to be in good standing to progress to the next semester and to the next examination required in the PhD program.

Current Student Handbook

Requirements for Student in Good Standing Status

Students will be considered to be in good standing if they pass the required examinations at the specified time in the program, as described in this section of the department website. Students also must maintain a grade of 3.0 in each class and cumulatively in the PhD Program to be considered as a Student in Good Standing. (Note that grades earned in other graduate degree programs, including the Master of Science in Finance, are not considered in the calculation of the PhD Program GPA.)

Students who have completed their formal coursework must be making satisfactory progress on their dissertation. Students who are not making satisfactory progress on their dissertations will be given a warning and deadline, at the end of which the faculty expects to see significant progress on the dissertation. Failure to show progress in the proscribed time frame will result in removal of a student's assistantship, and the student may be formally dismissed from the program.

In addition to evaluating students based on grades and progress on the dissertation, faculty members will evaluate their TA/RAs in the middle of each semester and submit a written copy of this evaluation to the program director. Students whose performance as a TA/RA is unsatisfactory will be given a warning. At the end of the semester, a department meeting will be held to discuss the progress of the students. If students who received warnings of unsatisfactory work fail to improve by the end of the semester, their assistantship may be removed or the student may be formally dismissed from the program.