Accelerated Program

Master's in Marketing Accelerated Program

The Graduate College offers exceptional undergraduate students in selected majors the opportunity to earn both a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in as few as 5 years.

The Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP) in MSM in Marketing is for the top Marketing major undergraduates who plan to continue in a graduate program in the same discipline. Student will start taking graduate level courses during their senior year at Eller and those graduate courses will count for both their undergraduate degree and their graduate degree at the cost of undergraduate tuition!

First Year  
Course Units
First Semester  
ENGL 101* First Year Composition 
MIS 111* Computers and Internetworked Society
MIS 111L* Computers and Internetworked Society Lab 
MATH 109C or 112 College Algebra Concepts and Applications 
Tier I General Education 
Tier I General Education  3
Total 16
Second Semester  
ENGL 102* First Year Composition 
MATH 116* Calculus Concepts for Business Majors 
Tier I General Education 
Tier I General Education 
Tier I General Education 
BNAD 100 Language and Context of Business  1
Total 16
Sophomore Year  
First Semester  
MGMT 276/BNAD 276* Statistical Inference in Management 
ACCT 200* Introduction to Financial Accounting 
ECON 200* Basic Economic Issues 
Tier I General Education 
Tier II General Education or Ethics** 
BNAD 200 Career Management in Business  1
Total 16
Second Semester  
ACCT 210* Introduction to Managerial Accounting 
BNAD 277* Analytical Methods for Business 
Tier II General Education 
Tier II General Education 
Tier II General Education or Ethics**  3
Total 16
Junior Year  
First Semester  
MGMT 310A Organization Behavior and Management 
MKTG 361 Introduction to Marketing 
BCOM 314R† Business Communication 
FIN 311 Introduction to Finance 
MKTG 376 Marketing Analytics  3
Total 15
Second Semester  
MIS 304 Using and Managing Information Systems 
MIS 373 Basic Operations Management 
ECON 300 Microeconomic Analysis for Business Decisions 
MKTG 440 Marketing Research 
MKTG Major Course 3
Total 15
Senior Year  
First Semester  
MGMT 402 Integrating Business Fundamentals with Ethics and Law in Management 
ECON 330 Macroeconomic Institutions and Policy 
MKTG 450 Buyer Behavior 
MKTG 510 Marketing-Based Management 2
MKTG 572 Marketing Research for Managers 3
Total 15
Second Semester  
MKTG 471 Marketing Policies and Operations 
MKTG 559 Product Strategy 
MKTG 560 International Marketing 3
Non-Eller Minor or Non-Eller Electives 7
Total 13
First Graduate Semester Fall  
MTKG 530 Management of Marketing Communications 3
MKTG 542 Relationship Marketing 3
MKTG 5XX Brand Management 3
Total 9
Second Graduate Semester Spring  
MKTG 555 Marketing Strategy 3
MKTG 556 Pricing Strategy and Tactics 3
MKTG 531 Introduction to Social Media Marketing 2
Total 8
Third Graduate Semester Summer  
Master's Project 6

Admissions Requirements

1. Completion of a minimum of 75 undergraduate credit hours will be required at the time of application; a minimum of 90 undergraduate credit hours will be required at the time of entry into the AMP. If the student’s GPA falls below 3.3 at the time they have completed 90 units, the student will not be admitted into the program. Courses taken for audit may not be included in the total number of units counted for eligibility or admission.

2. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3 on a minimum of 12 units of undergraduate UA. 

3. Completion of at least 12 earned undergraduate credits in their major at The University of Arizona’s main campus. Units still graded Incomplete, units graded Pass/Fail or units taken as audit will not count toward the requirement of the 12 undergraduate units. 

4. Completion or near completion of general education requirements.

5. Submission of a graduate application and payment of a graduate application fee. 

6. Demonstration of the maturity necessary for success in an accelerated, highly competitive program. 

7. Expectation to complete the undergraduate degree within four years. The undergraduate degree requirements must be completed before the student is eligible to have the Master’s degree awarded