Evening MBA Cost and Return on Investment


A career investment that pays lifelong dividends.

Your time is at a premium—but your career success is critical. And every investment you make matters. An Evening MBA takes time, tuition and a big dose of dedication—and we make sure it’s worth it, many times over. Thanks to the school’s rock-solid reputation and study concentration options that meet real-world demands, you’ll rise to the top in your career pursuits from here out.

Evening MBA Tuition and Fees

Not only is the Eller MBA program well ranked, but it won’t break the bank. In addition to being affordable compared to other MBA programs, you don’t have to take a break from working (and earning) to complete the program. With all the numbers clicking neatly into place, you can focus fully on your studies and your future.

Tuition: $54,000

Tuition and fees subject to change.

Financial Aid

To make your tuition as manageable as possible, it’s broken into six payments—one per semester. Many students also qualify for financial aid, and the University of Arizona Office of Student Financial Aid stands ready to help you hone in on the best grants and loans to make it happen.

Other financial aid—including government grants and loans—may be available to help pay program costs. For information, contact the University of Arizona Office of Student Financial Aid:

Professional MBA Scholarships:
*Available for Evening and Executive MBA program

Community Leadership Scholarship: is awarded to exceptional candidates from the public sector or a nonprofit organization for whom financial constraints would otherwise prevent participation.

Eller Leadership Scholarship: is awarded to anyone who has shown strong leadership throughout their career, and it looking to gain an MBA to continue to grow their leadership skills.

Eller Veteran Scholarship: is awarded to veterans applying to our professional MBA program. We thank you for your service and our honor to provide this scholarship.

Emerging Leaders Scholarship: is awarded to individuals who are ready to skill up and break into leadership positions at their company and beyond.

Returning Alumnus Scholarship: is awarded to returning UA alumnus who were successful in their undergraduate experience at UA and are looking to return for their MBA to become a double WILDCAT.


*All applicants will be considered for scholarship on a case-by case basis, based on availability. We strongly recommend applying by round 2 if you are interested in a scholarship. 

Scholarships, referral codes, and QTR (Qualified Tuition Reduction for employees of the three state universities) cannot be stacked


Information regarding third-party agencies and employees setting up financial guarantees for students. See the Bursar's website here.

Our Alumni Successes

Thanks to a program that truly prepares them to lead in the business world our MBA grads bring their knowledge directly from the classroom to the conference room. With their stronger leadership skills and sharper strategic vision, they kick their career progress into high gear and truly stand out when fresh opportunities come around.

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Your Future is Calling

You’ve heard the “why.” If you think you’re a good fit, it’s time for the “how.” Let’s get you on the road to your Eller Evening MBA. Contact us or begin your application now:

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