Economics Education for K-12 Teacher Resources



We have gathered online resources where teachers will find content and ready-made lessons. These outside resources are not endorsed by the University of Arizona or the Office of Economic Education, but teachers will likely find them useful:

Econ Lowdown — Lessons and Videos for Teachers and Students
Council for Economic Education Publications
Council for Economic Education — Ready-Made Lessons EconEdLink
Econ Ed Reviews — a search engine for free online econ ed resources, with reviews by teachers who have used them
Federal Reserve Bank Educational Resources
UNO Center for Economic Education
Econ Sources
The Journal of Economic Education
The U.S. Mint for Kids
Bibliography of Econ in Kids' and Youth Literature (use your keyboard search function to search by author, title, econ concept, etc.)
Econ Publications for the Classroom from the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank
ThinkEconomics: Modelling Economic Principles
Online Economics College Courses
Voices on the Economy — V.O.T.E. Professor Amy Cramer
So You Want to Chair The Fed —Online Macroeconomics Game
PBS Learning — Searchable by Subject and Grade
See Also: Financial Literacy listings


Gapminder World - World Wealth and Health Through Two Centuries
Economic History Association
Economic History Resources
Federal Reserve Bank Archive of Historical Resources
Napoleon's March to Moscow — For PPC and Guns & Butter Discussion
50 Things that Made the Modern Economy — BBC News podcasts (and some transcriptions)

Current Events
Econ and Ethics in the Daily News — Blog
Economics of Copyright Law — Would Shakespeare Have Survived the Web?
US Employment Demographics — Bureau of Labor Statistics
Unemployment by Gender, Race Age


Our Nation in Numbers — USAFacts
Fact Check dot Org
Political Fact Check
Center for Responsive Politics — Open Secrets
Sunlight Foundation
The Numbers — Wall Street Journal looks at the News through an Economics and Math lens



National State of Economic Education
National Standards for Financial Literacy
National Endowment for Financial Education

Avoiding Debt with The Minimalists — films, articles, podcasts, and blogs on consuming less
Budgeting Basics —  from Investopedia
How to Get Out of Debt — with the Debt Snowball Plan
The Envelope Method Explained
Spending Cleanse — A New York Times blog
Debt Payoff Calculator — from The Simple Dollar
The Best Way to Pay Off Debt — from WalletHub
Be the Master of Your Budget — from NPR Life Kit
Happy – A documentary about what does and does not seem to make people happy (also available on Netflix)
Dollars and Sense: How We Misthink Money and How to Spend Smarter by Dan Ariely and Jeff Kreisler (Book recommendation)

Free Credit Report
Disputing Errors on Credit Report — from Federal Trade Commission
Improving Your Credit Score
Free Credit Score Estimates — at Credit Karma
Credit Score Estimator
The Cost of a Bad Credit Score — from Syracuse University 
Free Credit Freezes are Here — from the Federal Trade Commission
Report and Recover from Identity Theft — from the Federal Trade Commission
Identifying Fake "Free" Credit Report Schemes
Consumer Credit Counseling Service 

Tax Foundation
Your Complete Guide to the 2018 Tax Changes — from The Motley Fool
A citizen’s guide to the federal tax system — The Tax Policy Center’s Briefing Book
What Itemized Deductions Will Look Like in 2018 — from Your Smart Money Moves
IRS Forms and Publications
 — the Internal Revenue Service
Tax Credits Save You More Than Deductions: Here Are the Best Ones — from USA Today
Saver’s Credit for Low Income Households — from the IRS
How to Report and Pay Independent Contractor Taxes — from The Balance 
A Guide to Filling out Your W-4 Form — from SmartAsset 
Withholding Calculator from the Internal Revenue Service
How Many Allowances Should I Claim on My W4? — from The Motley Fool 

Investing for Retirement
Introduction to Investing — from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (employer-sponsored and self-directed plans)
Secrets of Saving and Investing — collection of podcasts from NPR Life Kit
What is a Mutual Fund?
Investing in Index Funds for Beginners
How to Pick a Good Mutual Fund — from Investopedia
Find Fund Fees & Expenses — from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
Is Stock Picking a Myth? — from Investopedia
The Stupidest Thing You Can Do With Your Money — Freakonomics Radio Podcast
Beginners’ Guide to Asset Allocation — from the US Securities & Exchange Commission
Retirement savings plans for public and nonprofit employees — a New York Times series
403bwise — a resource on 403(b) and 457 plans
Teachers Deserve Better from Retirement Plan System — a look at 403(b)s from Bloomberg
Roth IRA: Your Complete Guide — from NerdWallet
Road to Retirement — an Arizona State Retirement System Guidebook
What is an HSA? (Health Savings Account) — from NerdWallet
Health Savings Accounts: The Stealth IRA

Protecting your Assets: Insurance, Estate Planning, Advisors
Finding an independent insurance agent
United Policyholders (UP) — a  non-profit organization that provides insurance information
The Insurance Information Institute — funded by the insurance industry
Arizona Department of Insurance
Life Insurance Calculator
American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance
Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance — from American Association of Retired People AARP
What is Umbrella Insurance – Do I Need a Policy? — from Money Crashers
Estate Planning
State Bar of Arizona — on wills and trusts
Life Care Planning Forms — from the Arizona Attorney General’s Office
Free legal forms for Arizona residents to create a will
10 Steps to Writing a Will — from U.S. News & World Report
Will Planning Workbook — from the Red Cross (see pages 11-35)
Talking about end-of-life care — from The Conversation Project
Arizona Advance Directive Registry — from the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office
Financial Advisers
The 19 Questions to Ask Your Financial Adviser
How to Choose a Financial Planner — from the Wall Street Journal
Robo-Advisors — from Investopedia

Lesson Plans and Activities
Next Gen Personal Finance
EconEdLink — ready-made lessons from the Council on Economic Education
Jump$tart — Financial Smarts for Students
Practical Money Skills
Federal Reserve Education — search personal finance
Dollars & Sense: Watch Your Expense — budgeting exercise from the FRB Richmond (free class sets available)

For High School Students
Occupational Outlook Handbook — from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics
Invest in What's Next: Life After High School — Student Activity on Future Employment Options, from FRB San Francisco
Earning and Unemployment by Education Level — Graph for discussion
Hidden Costs of College A High School Lesson Plan
How Credit Scores Impact Your Future
PlaySpent — No Job, No Home; How Long Can You Make It?
Consumer Jungle — UA Consumer Education

Video & Audio Resources
Two Cents — PBS video series about personal finance for millennials and Gen Z
Life Kit: Money — NPR podcast series
The Stupidest Thing You Can Do With Your Money — podcast from Freakonomics
PBS NewsHour — Making Sense series

Articles & Blogs
Consumer Tools — from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Mr. Money Mustache — tips from a 30-something retiree
Money Crashers — current articles about money management
Nerd Wallet — current articles about money management
The Balance — current articles about money management

Wealth 101 — A Crash Course in Personal Finance with excellent infographics
Infographics — from the FRB Atlanta; free color posters available
Napkin Finance — money simplified

Kids and Families
Take Charge of your Finances — A Guide for Students
Learn about Credit Cards for Students
Managing your first credit card — A Guide for Students
Practical Money Skills for Life
The Mint — Money Management for Kids, Teens, Parents, Teachers
Hands-on Banking
Smart Piggy Bank — Secure Online Program for Tracking Kid’s Allowance

Other Personal Finance Agencies
NextGen Personal Finance
Take Charge Today
UA Classroom Outreach — Take Charge Cats
Junior Achievement - Arizona
The Jump$tart Coalition — For Personal Financial Literacy
360 Degrees of Financial Literacy



Using Media in the classroom — Intro to the topic, and multiple resources
Television Econ — Big Bang Theory — Bazinganomics
Television Econ — Seinfeld — YadaYadaYadaEcon
Television Econ — The Office — EconomicsOfTheOffice
Izzit — Click "educational videos" then select “economics”
Songs and Movie Clips Annotated with Econ Themes — search "economics" in "media"
More Songs Annotated with Econ Themes
Economics of Broadway — Songs with economics themes, sortable by topic or show name
Economics In Current Events 1 — National Public Radio Marketplace Radio
Economics in Current Events 2 — National Public Radio Marketplace Podcasts
2009 Crash — The Crisis of Credit, Visualized:
2009 Crash — Frankenstein Mortgage podcast:
Economics of Climate Change — Lecture by Jason Shogren
Some people are lucky. For the rest of us, saving is smart — Witty German Savings Bank Advertisement
Distinguishing between Debt & Deficit
Economic Videos on Current Events — The Economist Magazine
Differing values of liberals and conservatives — TED Talk by Jonathan Haidt
Milton Friedman on Other People's money
Clean Water at No Cost — In the search box enter “clean water at no cost” (include quotation marks)
Russ Roberts on the Price of Everything — Video
Yoram Bauman – The Stand-up Economist
Economic and Political Cartoons 1
Economic and Political Cartoons 2
Economic and Political Cartoons 3
100 Economics Blogs



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