Economic Education for K-12 Teacher Resources



We have gathered online resources where teachers will find content and ready-made lessons. These outside resources are not endorsed by the University of Arizona or the Office of Economic Education, but teachers will likely find them useful:

Econ Lowdown — Lessons and Videos for Teachers and Students
Council for Economic Education Publications
Council for Economic Education — Ready-Made Lessons EconEdLink
Econ Ed Reviews — a search engine for free online econ ed resources, with reviews by teachers who have used them
Federal Reserve Bank Educational Resources
UNO Center for Economic Education
Econ Sources
The Journal of Economic Education
The U.S. Mint for Kids
Bibliography of Econ in Kids' and Youth Literature (use your keyboard search function to search by author, title, econ concept, etc.)
Econ Publications for the Classroom from the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank
ThinkEconomics: Modelling Economic Principles
Online Economics College Courses
Voices on the Economy — V.O.T.E. Professor Amy Cramer
So You Want to Chair The Fed —Online Macroeconomics Game
PBS Learning — Searchable by Subject and Grade


Our Nation in Numbers — USAFacts
Fact Check dot Org
Political Fact Check
Center for Responsive Politics — Open Secrets
Sunlight Foundation
The Numbers — Wall Street Journal looks at the News through an Economics and Math lens


Television Econ — Big Bang Theory — Bazinganomics
Television Econ — Seinfeld — YadaYadaYadaEcon
Television Econ — The Office — EconomicsOfTheOffice
Izzit — Click "educational videos" then select “economics”
Rockonomics — Students perform favorite songs with their new economics lyrics
Songs and Movie Clips Annotated with Econ Themes — search "economics" in "media"
More Songs Annotated with Econ Themes
Economics In Current Events 1 — National Public Radio Marketplace Radio
Economics in Current Events 2 — National Public Radio Marketplace Podcasts
2009 Crash — The Crisis of Credit, Visualized:
2009 Crash — Frankenstein Mortgage podcast:
Economics of Climate Change — Lecture by Jason Shogren
Some people are lucky. For the rest of us, saving is smart — Witty German Savings Bank Advertisement
Distinguishing between Debt & Deficit
Economic Videos on Current Events — The Economist Magazine
Differing values of liberals and conservatives — TED Talk by Jonathan Haidt
Milton Friedman on Other People's money
Clean Water at No Cost — In the search box enter “clean water at no cost” (include quotation marks)
Russ Roberts on the Price of Everything — Video
Yoram Bauman – The Stand-up Economist
Economic and Political Cartoons 1
Economic and Political Cartoons 2
Economic and Political Cartoons 3
100 Economics Blogs



To suggest other resources, please contact us.