Wellbuilt for Wellbeing


In this multi-disciplinary collaborative project, INSITE is working with the Institute of Place and Wellbeing, U.S. General Services Administration, and Aclima, Inc. 

The Wellbuilt for Wellbeing project is funded by the General Services Administration. One of the primary objectives of the project is to investigate the effects of the physical work environment on physiological health outcomes.

With rapid development of sensor technologies and the internet of things, research in the area of connected health is increasing in importance and complexity with wide-reaching impacts for public and workplace health. Our project uses a big data approach to integrate data collected through multiple means such as wearable and stationary environment quality sensors, experience sampling, and heart rate variability (HRV) sensors that are worn by participants.

We use explanatory and predictive data analysis techniques drawn from statistics and data mining, to analyze the effect of the environment on the wellbeing of participants. We also consider methodological questions such as performing analysis in the presence of a large number of missing values. Dealing with missing values is a common requirement when dealing with integration of large-scale heterogeneous data streams.

Project Summary

Funding Source: 
U.S. General Services Administration
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Principal Investigators: 
Dr. Sudha Ram