Eller National Board of Advisors Healthcare Subcommittee

Eller National Board of Advisors Healthcare Subcommittee

The Eller College National Board of Advisors is a network of alumni, supporters and friends of the College who play a vital role in resource development, communications and policy.

The Healthcare Subcommittee is comprised of healthcare experts that have diverse experiences in the industry and bring a unique perspective to our collective goal of educating tomorrow's healthcare leaders. The Center for Management Innovations in Healthcare collaborates with the subcommittee to ensure our students are developing the essential skills for success in the healthcare industry.

Members and their organizations provide input and expertise, donate money and equipment, offer internships and jobs, host site visits and class projects and underwrite scholarships and faculty research.

Board members visit the College regularly to attend Board meetings and participate in student-focused events.

Pat Engels
Executive Vice President of Product & Marketing (Retired)
Bruce Gissing
Executive Vice President, Operations (Retired)
Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
Kevin Kennedy
ECG Management Consultants
Fletcher J. McCusker 
Sinfonia HealthCare Corporation
Jeffrey A. Rein
Chairman and CEO (Retired)
Peter W. Salter
President and CEO (Retired)
Salter Labs