MIS PhD Placement

MIS PhD Placement

Doctoral Placements Since 2010

The following list reflects placement information at time of graduation from the MIS program:


Name Placement Dissertation Title
Yang Gu   Natural Language Processing for Complex Tasks: Challenges and Solutions
for Small Datasets in the Era of Deep Learning
Hao Liu Deakin University Big Data-Driven Talent Analytics: A Deep Learning Approach


Name Placement Dissertation Title
Bradley Dorn   Using Linguistic Metrics and Task Characteristics to Investigate and Manage Group Deception
Kyuhan Lee Arizona State University AI-Enabled Cybersecurity Analytics: Detecting and Defending Against Cyber Threats
Sandeep Suntwal University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Towards A Trustworthy Cyberspace: A Behavioral and Design Science Approach
Mohammadreza Ebrahimi University of South Florida AI-Enabled Cybersecurity Analytics: Detecting and Defending Against Cyber Threats
Zhengchao Yang Walmart Global Tech Integrating Deep Learning and Network Science to Support Healthcare Management


Name Placement Dissertation Title
Xuan Wei Shanghai Jiaotong University Data Science-Driven Crowd Intelligence and its Business Applications
Zhipeng Chen   Inferencing User Characteristics and Behaviors from Social Media with Applications in Regulatory Science
Jiaheng Xie University of Delaware Big Data-Based Health Risk Analytics: A Deep Learning Approach
Bradley Walls Arete Using AI to Transform Behavioral Data Into Actionable Insights


Name Placement Dissertation Title
Luwen Huangfu San Diego State University Beyond Sentiment Polarity: Cognitive Theory-Based Emotion Type Analysis of Social Media Text for Business Applications
Karthik Srinivasan University of Kansas Essays on preventive care and digital health analytics
Shou Yu Texas Tech University Mobile Health Analytics for Senior Care: A Data Mining and Deep Learning Approach
Rich Yueh University of California, Riverside Capturing Self-Efficacy Behavioral Outcomes Through Human-Computer Interaction Devices
Hongyi Zhu University of Texas at San Antonio Developing Smart and Unobtrusive Mobile Home Care: A Deep Learning Approach
Yongcheng Zhan California Polytechnic State University Social Media Driven Public Health Informatics: Applications in Regulatory Science


Name Placement Dissertation Title
Joseph Buckman Kansas State University Understanding Changes in Individual and Firm Behavior in Response to Security and Privacy Factors
Michael Byrd University of Arizona An Empirical Exploration of Countermeasures in HCI-based Deception Research
Steven Pentland Boise State University Human-Screening in Information Systems Research and Applications in Personnel Selection
Sagar Samtani University of South Florida Developing Proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence from the Online Hacker Community: A Computational Design Science Approach
Lee Allen Spitzley University at Albany, SUNY Using Narrative Financial Disclosures to Detect Financial Fraud
Wenli Zhang Iowa State University Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning for Chronic Disease Management


Name Placement Dissertation Title
Yang Wang Purdue University, Krannert School of Management Essays on the Network Effects of Online Reviews
Yun Wang Microsoft Mining Massive Spatiotemporal Data for Actionable Intelligence
Weifang Li University of Georgia Towards Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace: Social Media Analytics on Hacker Communities 


Name Placement Dissertation Title
Victor Benjamin Arizona State University Securing Cyberspace: Analyzing Cybercriminal Communities through Web and Text Mining Perspectives
Devipsita Bhattacharya Post Doc Research Fellow with INSITE Network Theoretic Approaches for Understanding and Analyzing Social Media Based News Article Propagation
Qiang (David) Gao City University of New York Empirical Studies of Online Crowdfunding
Chenhui (Julian) Guo Michigan State University Empirical Studies about Incentives, Information Disclosure, and Social Interactions in Online Environments
Xiao Liu University of Utah Health Analytics for Pharmacovigilance: A Data and Text Mining Framework
Srikar Velicety University of Memphis Essays on Data Driven Insights from Crowd Sourcing, Social Media and Social Networks


Name Placement Dissertation Title
Mark Grimes University of Houston Analysis of Human Computer Interaction Behavior for Assessment of Affect, Cognitive Load, and Credibility
Shan (Jonathan) Jiang Penn State Statistical Modeling of Multi-dimensional Knowledge Diffusion Networks: An ERGM-based Framework
Yu-Kai Lin Florida State University Health Analytics and Predictive Modeling: Four Essays on Health Informatics
James Marquardson Northern Michigan University Achieving Alignment: System Design and Attitudinal Considerations to Increase the Persuasive Power of Technology
Ryan Schuetzler University of Nebraska Dynamic Interviewing Agents: Effects on Deception, Nonverbal Behavior, and Social Desirability
David Wilson University of Oklahoma Overcoming Information Privacy Concerns: Learning from Three Disclosure Contexts
 Shuo Zeng California State Polytechnic University Topics of Principal-Agent Service Contracts: Contract Analysis and Pooling Principals


Name Placement Dissertation Title
Katherine Carl Payne Brigham Young University Automated Route Generation for Bicycle Tours of the United States
Justin Giboney SUNY - Albany Development and Application of an Online Tool for Meta-Analyses Using Design Science Principles
Jeffrey Proudfoot Bentley University Identifying Deception using Novel Technology-Based Approaches to Uncover Concealed Information


Name Placement Dissertation Title
Yi-Da Chen Northeastern University The Dynamics of Task-related Discussion in the Pursuit of Radical Innovation: Innovation Project Teams as Interpretation Systems
Jiesi Cheng Google Information Diffusion and Influence Propagation on Social Networks with Marketing Applications
Christopher Diller University of Nebraska-Omaha An Exploration of Distributed Parallel Sorting in GSS
Jeffrey Jenkins Brigham Young University Alleviating Insider Threats: Mitigation Strategies and Detection Techniques


Name Placement Dissertation Title
Mary Burns Montana State University Examining Multiple Stages of IS Security Behavior by End-Users
Shaokun Fan City University, Hong Kong A Process Driven Approach to Collaboration Management
Tianjun Fu Google CSI in the Web 2.0 Age: Data Collection, Selection, and Investigation for knowledge Discovery
Noyan Ilk Florida State University Essays on E-service Management:  Technical, Operational and Financial Perspectives
Chang Heon Lee Samsung Life Insurance Dynamics of Advice Network and Knowledge Contribution: A Longitudinal Social Network Analysis
Jian Ma Colorado State University People, Processes and Products: Case Studies in Open-Source Software Using Complex Networks
Matthew Pickard University of New Mexico Persuasive Embodied Agents: Using Embodied Agents to Change People’s Behavior, Beliefs, and Assessments
Nathan Twyman University of Arizona Automated Human Screening for Concealed Knowledge
David Zimbra Santa Clara University Stakeholder and Sentiment Analysis in Web Forums


Name Placement Dissertation Title
Yan Dang Northern Arizona University Theory-Informed Design and Evaluation of Web-Based Knowledge Management Systems
Douglas Derrick University of Nebraska-Omaha Special-Purpose, Embodied Conversational Intelligence with Environmental Sensors (SPECIES) Agents: Implemented in an Automated Interviewing Kiosk
Aaron Elkins BORDERS Research Center Vocalic Markers of Deception and Cognitive Dissonance for Automated Emotion Detection Systems
Brent Langhals U.S. Army Using Eye and Head Based Psychophysiological Cues to Enhance Screener Vigilance
Jun Liu University of Arizona W7 Model of Provenance and Its Application in the Context of Wikipedia
Kevin Moffitt Rochester Institute of Technology Toward Enhancing Automated Credibility Assessment: A Model for Question Type Classification and a Tool for Linguistic Analysis 
Runpu (Aaron) Sun Google Using Social Media Intelligence to Support Business Knowledge Discovery and Decision Making :Approaches and Applications
 Yulei Zhang Northern Arizona University  Knowledge Discovery in Social Media: Physical World, Online World, and Virtual World


Name Placement Dissertation Title
Eyran Gisches University of Arizona Information Effects on Group Behavior in Networks
Sean Humpherys West Texas A&M A System of Deception and Fraud Detection Using Reliable Linguistic Cues Including Hedging, Disfluencies, and Repeated Phrases
Manlu Liu Rochester Institute of Technology Community Source as a New Approach to Enterprise Application Development: Exploration of Technological and Managerial Issues
Hsin-Min Lu National Taiwan University Surveillance in the Information Age:  Tex Quantification, Anomaly Detection, and Empirical Evaluation
Nichalin Suakkaphong University of Arizona Non-cooperative and Cooperative (Comparative) Games in Supply Chain Management
Wei Wei University of Arizona Utilizing Social Bookmarking Tag Space for Web Content Discovery: A Social Network Analysis Approach
Ping Yan Websense, Inc. Spatial-Temporal Data Analytics and Consumer Shopping Behavior Modeling