BSBA Business Majors

Undergraduate BSBA Business Majors

Choose your path. And push its boundaries.

At Eller, you’ll have a wide range of majors to choose from, and you’ll be challenged to push the boundaries of what you thought was possible—for yourself, for your major and even your industry.

Along the way you’ll become part of a family of faculty, classmates and student support team who bring out the best in you—who raise your game and also have your back.

Marketing Undergraduate Programs

Pre-Business/Foundational Business

All Business Administration students start as Pre-Business/Foundational Business Management majors to build a solid foundation of business principles and explore your personal and professional interests during your first two years.

Accounting Undergraduate Programs


Develop the skills you need for a successful career in accounting—as a CPA, CFO, business analyst or managerial accountant—helping organizations make the best financial decisions.

Management and Organizations Undergraduate Programs

Business Administration (Fully Online)

Expand your knowledge of business principles and gain real-world professional experience in our fully online business program, where immersive learning and flexible scheduling combine to create a program designed with your life in mind.

Economics Undergraduate Programs

Business Economics

Become versed in the latest economic trends, while developing the problem-solving and analytical skills you need to be an industry leader.

MIS Undergraduate Programs

Business Management

Prepare for managerial positions at large or small organizations—and gain the expertise and experiences you need to push any business to the top.

McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship


Turn your entrepreneurial passion into real-world success. With a focus on the latest trends and techniques in start-ups and innovation, the New Venture Development Program—a one-year (second) major—helps you plan a successful business launch during your senior year.

Finance Undergraduate Programs


Build expertise as an effective decision maker, financial analyst and problem solver through hands-on learning with opportunities to apply your skills throughout the program.


Master of Science in Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems

Transform the modern business landscape through cutting-edge techniques that you’ll practice in our top-ranked undergraduate program—one of the nation’s first and best programs in the field.

Department of Marketing


Experience creativity and collaboration at their best through an immersive marketing education with an emphasis on learning by doing and data analysis. Alongside your classmates, you’ll participate in team projects, work for real organizations and take part in competitions.

Accounting Undergraduate Programs

Operations & Supply Chain Management

Learn how to build processes that get things done effectively and efficiently in organizations. The Operations & Supply Chain Management program provides opportunities for you develop expertise in time management, customer service and effective leadership.