MSEc/MBA Dual Degree

MSEc/MBA Dual Degree

Dual Master of Business Administration/Master of Science in Economics

Earn a dual Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Economics and combine your quantitative skills with your experience and leadership skills. Apply separately to each program and then complete a total of 63 course units. This dual program usually takes 21 months to finish.

Candidates must apply separately to and be admitted to both programs. Students must also complete any required prerequisites for the two degrees. Students work with the MBA and MSEc advisors to set up a dual degree program ensuring that students meet the requirements of both degrees.

University policy on dual degrees stipulates that a maximum of 50 percent of the credit hours for the program with fewer units may be counted toward both degrees. Therefore, the MSEc/MBA degree requires a total of 63 units.


The student must meet the prerequisite requirements for both degrees.

MBA Degree requirements:         48 units of coursework

MSEc Degree requirements:        30 units of coursework

However:   15 units of MSEc coursework can be counted toward the MBA

Therefore, to receive the Dual MSF/MSEc degree, the following are required:

   33 units of required MBA courses
   15 units of required MSEc courses to be counted toward both degrees
   15 units of required MSEc courses

  63 Total Units

To be considered for a Dual MSEc/MBA, you must:

  • Apply to both the MBA and MSEc programs by Spring of Year 1
  • Meet with the MBA and MSEc advisors to ensure you have met or are scheduled to complete the required prerequisite courses.
  • Draft a Plan of Study with your MBA and MSEc advisors outlining your coursework

The Plan of Study should outline your plans for completing 63 credit hours meeting the requirements above. It is strongly recommended that you complete this plan before starting the programs to ensure that you will meet the requirements of both degrees.