Diversity and Inclusion



Here, diversity builds something bigger: a sense of shared community among students, faculty and friends who work hard, together, to chase down their academic and career dreams.

Diversity is more than an idea. It’s an imperative. Eller welcomes students of every background, ethnicity, orientation and belief to collaborate in our classrooms and tackle the world’s biggest challenges through shared smarts and vision.

We’ve found that the more diverse perspectives there are weighing in on a problem, the more creatively and effectively it can be solved—which applies in business and in the world at large. As much as today’s global marketplace demands a diverse business skill set, it demands diverse teams coming together to get the job done.

The inclusive environment here at Eller equips us to solve society’s most complex issues without hesitation, enriched by the many perspectives we need to challenge the status quo and explore new frontiers in learning, teaching, research and service.

in the Nation

in 2019, the Eller College's undergraduate program tied for #3 in the nation for the most diverse business program.

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Message from Dean Paulo Goes

Dear Eller Community,

I grew up in Brazil in the 60’s and 70’s, and as a young man, I started to understand how my country and many countries around the world--including the United States--continue to have a legacy of discrimination and widespread social injustice.

Around the same time, I learned about the human rights and social justice movements in the U.S., where I came to pursue my dreams, ready to embrace the opportunities of America. My wife and I became U.S. citizens. My children were born here. I believe in this country and am hopeful for the future of all children. 

But around the world--including in the United States--after 35 years here, I continue to see racial discrimination and divisive social injustice. They show up in insidious ways. They show up in cruel ways. They show up in violent ways. 

They show up at Eller.

Despite our aspirations, racial discrimination and social injustice are real problems in our society, including in our college, as, unfortunately, we have witnessed from incidents within the Eller community. I personally and as dean of the Eller College want to better serve our Black students and students of color. 

We pride ourselves on the excellence of the Eller family, the Eller community and the Eller experience. As educators, Eller faculty and staff, including me, are responsible for shaping future generations. We need to change from reacting to engaging so that we all transform and become influencers of change. That has to be the Eller experience.

There is no place for hate, discrimination or intolerance. As Eller students and future business leaders, you are responsible for your actions and your communications. There is simply no excuse for any type of discrimination or language that is offensive to others.

We want to reinforce our responsibility to provide a safe and respectful learning environment. Together we are studying business. Together we are developing tomorrow’s ethical and respectful leaders of diverse organizations. We ask you to be thoughtful, consider others’ perspectives and exhibit civility and respect for all people.

Paulo Goes
Dean, Eller College of Management

Eller Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Activities

The Business Careers Awareness Program (BCAP) has been offered at Eller for 15 years through a partnership with EY and has reached almost 500 high school students. The program is designed to expose minority and economically disadvantaged students careers in business and accounting as well as college life. Rising high-school seniors are led through team-building exercises, networking opportunities, panel discussions and a trip to the EY offices in Phoenix. Throughout the week, the students also attend classes and prepare a business plan which is pitched to EY professionals in a case competition on the final day. The program is transformative for all those who participate.

The EY Diversity Dinner occurs each spring in Eller, exposing underrepresented minority pre-business students to professional services career options as well as a the diversity programs offered by EY, including its Discover EY experience, launch internships and EY Scholars scholarship program for graduate studies.

The Investments Club hosts an annual Women in Finance Brunch, a networking/recruiting event that connects women interested in finance with current successful students. The keynote speakers are female alumnae working in the field of finance. In 2017, the keynote speaker was Ilene Fiszel-Bieler, head of investor relations at State Street Bank in New York. In 2018, Melissa Rose '15 BSBA (Finance) of Goldman Sachs returned to campus to be the keynote speaker. More than 75 first year and sophomore women attended the brunches.

Jon Evans
PhD Candidate
Jerel Slaughter
Eller Professor of Management 
Aleks Ellis
Robbins Chair in Organizational Behavior
"Gender and the Evaluation of Humor at Work"

Elizabeth McClean
Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations
"Women and Leadership: Assertion and Perception"

The Facets of Eller Diversity Initiatives

Love inclusivity like we do? Join the club.

Get to know:

  • ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals For America) works to raise funds so students can attend the annual national convention. 
  • Eller African American Honorary hosts month-long programming activities for Black History Month including a movie screening and workshops. They also host the Eller African American Honorary Top 50 awards dinner awarding some of our top talent and recognizing community leaders that support African American students.
  • Eller College Chinese Student Council hosts cultural events, conducts a case competition and provides an environment to support Eller's Chinese students.
  • Eller Diversity and Inclusion Committee comes together to provide resources that develop students, faculty and staff to engage in civil discourse, implement best practices and require inclusive excellence in all that we do; demonstrate results in attracting diverse applicants for programs and positions; and cultivate a culture that embraces and celebrates individuals of all backgrounds and perspectives and promotes belongingness. 
  • Eller Hispanic Honorary hosts a yearly Top 50 awards dinner recognizing some of the best Hispanic students in the Eller College.
  • Eller LGBTQ+ Advisory Board advises faculty and staff about how to create the most inclusive educational environments for students. The board fosters communication between all functional areas of Eller and aims to create meaningful opportunities to engage in a dialogue around creating inclusive spaces for the LGBTQ+ community. The board hosts events like the Q&A breakfast and tabling for National Coming Out Day to support all individuals of the LGBTQ+ community within Eller. 
  • Eller Unity Board promotes collaboration, awareness, and inclusion across Eller's 40 student clubs, guiding the direction and activities of the Eller multicultural clubs. 
  • Multicultural Business Student Association hosts an annual Night of Excellence that recognizes 130 diverse students for their achievements. 
  • Professional Women in Business promotes and supports women in business by providing exclusive career and networking opportunities to students in an environment that inspires leadership, empowerment and personal growth. The members participate in philanthropic activities, host special business speakers and award female community leaders in a yearly Women in Business Tea each spring.

Diversity Scholarships

There are many scholarships available to support students from underrepresented backgrounds who are pursuing a degree in business.

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