Master's in Finance Cost and Return on Investment

Master's in Finance

Cost & Return on Investment

Let’s get right down to ROIs.

In as little as one year, Eller’s Master’s in Finance program prepares you for lucrative careers in everything from financial management and planning to investment banking and beyond. In fact, the program is ranked number one in the nation for employment rates, and tied for number one worldwide.

Program Cost

The Arizona Board of Regents has not finalized tuition past Spring 2024. The figures below are an estimate of the expected charges and other expenses.

Arizona State Residents

  12-Month Program 16-Month Program
Registration and UA Fees $34,200 $40,400
Living Expenses $18,700 $25,000
Textbooks $1,050 $1,575
Miscellaneous $2,150 $3,225
TOTAL $56,100 $70,200


  12-Month Program 16-Month Program
Registration and UA Fees $53,525 $69,400
Living Expenses $18,700 $25,000
Textbooks $1,050 $1,575
Required Health and Accident Insurance (12-Month Premium) $2,800 $3,800
Miscellaneous $2,150 $3,225
TOTAL $78,225 $103,000

Information regarding housing, travel, and personal expenses are conservative estimates and are intended to give you a sense of these expenses.

The 12-month academic program cost estimates include tuition and fees for Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. The 16-month academic program cost estimates include expenses for Fall, Spring and Fall semesters only (e.g., living expenses for summer are not included). Registration and UA fees may vary depending on the number of credit hours of registration in a given semester (for both Arizona and non-Arizona residents).

Please note that the cost of a part-time program is more expensive. Tuition is charged based on units registered but is not calculated on a straight pro-ration. The UA Bursar's Office schedule of Tuition and Fees can provide an estimate of the tuition and fees charged for fewer than full-time credits.


Competitive, merit-based scholarships are available for early applicants. Awards are available based on date of application and strength of incoming metrics such as GPA, work experience, relevance and professionalism of application materials such as the personal statement and resume.

Financial Aid

We believe the very best education shouldn’t be cost prohibitive—and the Master’s in Finance from the Eller College is one of the best values in graduate education. Our reasonable tuition and the low cost of living in Tucson result in a quick, positive return on your investment.

The Finance Department has very little resources for giving scholarships.  However, admitted students may apply for scholarships in Scholarship Universe, our scholarship-matching tool.  Scholarship Universe connects Wildcats to millions of dollars in internal and external scholarships.

Many students choose to take out a loan to pay for all or part of the costs associated with attending the Master's in Finance program.

Loan programs available to MSF students include:

  • Federally sponsored (Stafford) loans – for U.S. citizens only
  • Alternative private loans – for U.S. and international students

All offer competitive interest loans repayable upon completion of your degree.

Eligibility for need-based grants, loans and scholarships is determined by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form available on line . Many funds are limited, so those students who have their FAFSA completed by March 1 each academic year receive priority processing.

Applicants must have been admitted to the MMF program before The University of Arizona Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) will make financial aid awards. Graduate students must be enrolled at least halftime in order to receive federal loans.

The University of Arizona Graduate College Financial Resources website provides current information on graduate scholarship sources.

A number of external funding sources for UA graduate students are also available, including:

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs – offers fellowship grants to graduate students at accredited U.S. schools who can demonstrate financial need and are enrolled members of a federally recognized American Indian tribe or Alaskan Native group or possess one-fourth degree federally recognized Indian blood: 
  • FastWeb – scholarship search engine:
  • FinAid – a comprehensive resource for student financial aid information, including an online searchable database of financial aid resources:
  • Fulbright Scholarships – awards are available for U.S. and non-U.S. students who aim to increase mutual understanding between the peoples of the United States and other countries, through the exchange of persons, knowledge, and skills:
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) – along with Pfizer, Inc., sponsors Hispanic students in graduate school. Awards are for $10,000 in a student's first year of graduate study, with the possibility of renewal for a second year: (applications available beginning August 1)
  • IEFA - International Education Financial Aid – sponsored by International:
  • Sallie Mae Scholarship Search – SLM Corporation, commonly known as Sallie Mae, owns or manages Federal Stafford Loans and other student loans:
  • Sampoerna Foundation – offers scholarship funds on an annual basis to outstanding young Indonesians from financially disadvantaged families:
  • – scholarship search engine:

Alumni Success

A lifetime of career success.

Our Master’s in Finance program will help you build solid skills in financial analysis, problem solving, and informed financial decision-making. Whether you choose the 12- or 16-month program, you’ll be immersed in a hands-on learning environment, receiving quality interaction with top research faculty who are dedicated to preparing you for whatever you choose to take on next—from corporate finance to financial planning to investment banking and beyond.

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