Master's in Finance Program Overview, Tracks and Courses

Master's in Finance Program Overview, Tracks and Courses

Welcome to your cohort of finance pros.

Eller’s nationally ranked Master’s in Finance program doesn’t just prepare you for success—it prepares you to excel. With individualized attention from top research faculty and a cohort of talented fellow students, you’ll have the support you need to advance to the very top of your field.

You’ll have countless opportunities to immerse yourself in real-world learning throughout the program, including an optional summer project that allows you to explore your personal area of interest in-depth. In addition, the MSF offers two tracks of study, five dual-degree programs and a wide selection of electives.


months of immersive education


Level 1 exam preparation
aligned with CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge


tracks of study: Investment Management, Corporate Finance


What You’ll Learn

  • Gain specialized, in-demand knowledge
  • Develop a strong foundation in the principles and practices of finance
  • Gain hands-on experience using financial databases and business analytics software
  • Develop advanced analytical methods and technical skills for informed financial decision making
  • Position yourself to become a chartered financial analyst (CFA) or a chartered alternative investment analyst (CAIA)

The Curriculum

The Master’s in Finance program offers hands-on curriculum taught by top research faculty and prepares you for success in a wide range of careers in corporate finance and investments. Along the way, you’ll have support from your cohort of fellow students and faculty.

You’ll have the option to specialize your degree by choosing from two tracks of study: Investment Management and Corporate Finance. 

If you choose one of our dual-degree options, you’ll spend your final semesters rounding out your requirements.


The Finance Department has organized its programs around tracks to assist Master's students in career planning. These tracks include investment management and corporate finance. Planning your curricula around these tracks enhances your job opportunities.

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The department has an extensive offering of courses in the finance tracks. All master’s-level finance courses are scheduled to avoid conflicts, giving students the opportunity to select from among all of the 500-level finance courses offered.

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Master's Project

The Master's project is an opportunity unique to our MSF program. Students work in pairs and with a Ph.D.-Finance student advisor to deepen your understanding of an area of finance of interest to you. Residency in Tucson and weekly assignments are required.

the Master's Project

Dual Degrees

Add a semester, add a degree. Our dual degrees take you from impressive to unstoppable. Develop your business acumen with an MBA or Master's in Accounting, or branch out with a JD, or Master's in Business Analytics.

Accelerated MSF

Undergraduate seniors at Uarizona majoring in Finance who have an excellent GPA and a faculty recommendation can apply for our Accelerated AMP-MSF program and earn a Master’s in Finance degree in as little as nine months after graduation. You’ll take six units of graduate coursework during your senior year, then take five more per semester for the next year to complete the graduation requirement for your MS in Finance. You’ll receive the same immersive education as students in the traditional MSF program but finish at a slightly faster pace—so you can dive into your career as quickly as possible.

Accelerate Your Education

Applied Investment Management

Eller's Applied Investment Management program, providing students with an opportunity to apply previous course experiences and knowledge to a student-managed portfolio funded with contributions by alumni and friends of the University.

The course is intended to reinforce the investment, finance and general business subjects taught in the regular curriculum and introduce additional investment subjects. The additional subjects include: the operation of an investment organization, the investment process from setting objectives through execution, and the exploration of venture capital investing with a focus on regional business opportunities. The class schedule will include regular guest speakers of senior executives and investment experts.

To facilitate an interactive classroom environment, students will form Portfolio Teams to research investment ideas and present portfolio recommendations to an Investment Committee comprised of alumni and friends of the University who hold senior positions with national investment organizations. Graduate students will hold team and class leadership positions, gaining additional experience and skills in team building and leadership.

To apply for enrollment in this course, contact Professor Daniel Kinnear in the prior semester and provide your current resume.

Your Future is Calling

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