Master of Science in MIS Cost and ROI

Master's in MIS Cost and Return on Investment

Let’s get right down to ROIs.

An investment in a Master’s in MIS is an investment in a long-lived, challenging and stimulating career.

You’ll gain experience and a skillset that will continue to be in demand for as long as technology and business are entwined. And when you do so at Eller, you’re choosing a top-ranked institution that’s more affordable than the private top five, and in a city with a lower cost of living. (The mild Tucson weather is hard to put a dollar value to, but the quality of life value is high.)

In addition, students who pursue the MS MIS/MBA dual degree or do so through our Technology Leadership Program will earn an MBA and an MIS at the same time, working efficiently with two premier Eller programs at once—and changing their career prospects forever.

Program Cost

Resident: $12,272 per semester
Non-resident: $22,447 per semester

Tuition and fees subject to change.

A Master's degree in MIS or Business Analytics from the Eller College of Management is one of the best values in graduate education. Our reasonable tuition and the low cost of living in Tucson result in a positive and quick return on your investment.

Information on resident and non-resident fees and expenses can be found through the UA Bursar's Office.

The Master's in MIS is a 33 - 38 credit program that is completed in three semesters.

Alumni Success

Eller Master’s in MIS alumni thrive in the workforce, with almost 100 percent receiving job offers within six months or less after graduation. Many draw on their summer internship experience or make a fresh beginning at global and national enterprises like Adobe, Apple, Boeing, Dell, Deloitte, Garmin, IBM, Motorola and Verizon.

Aid and Scholarships

To aid in the cost of tuition, traditional student loan options are available for our MS MIS students, as well as research and teaching assistantships that come with a stipend and tuition waiver.

Our Technology Leadership Program (TLP) is available for the top admitted students who are interested in a MIS/MBA dual degree. And, for students pursuing a cybersecurity-related program, CyberCorps Scholarship for Service offers scholarships in return for service upon graduation through our AZSecure Cybersecurity program. (Students who are U.S. citizens can choose a government service track, while both citizens and non-citizens are eligible to choose an industry work track.)

Research and Teaching Assistantships

Our research and teaching assistantships come with a stipend, an out-of-state tuition waiver and student medical insurance. If you’re interested in an assistantship, wait until you’re accepted into the program, then get to know which faculty have research grants they can hire master’s students to help with—they generally seek particular skills (such as programming skills). Additional positions are available through campus units such as the libraries and the THINK TANK.