Online MBA Student Experience

Online MBA Student Experience


MBA students on laptop computers

Join us for a typical seven-week course.

We'll be in Business Communication 511, where a typical eight-week course can include:

  • Log into D2L and watch the professor's introduction video.
  • Post introduction video, write in journal and sign-up for Examity*. 
  • Peruse and download Week One Overview.
  • Read assigned articles: New World of Work and the Seven Survival Skills, Standards-Someone has to have them and Made to Stick Together. 
  • Watch video lectures: Your Brand and Writing under Pressure.

* Examity is a service the University utilizes to proctor exams.

  • Download Week Two Overview.
  • Watch the assigned video People Styles.
  • Reach out to assigned group members to work on one of the favorite student assignments–the Everest Simulation. 
    Designed around the famous incident in 1996 where five mountaineers lost their lives, this simulation examines leadership lessons in a real-time scenario. Students are sent a link to a site that provides videos, narrative and plenty of information for their team to successfully mount the summit.
  • Post thoughts and experiences on the Everest Simulation on the discussion board.

  • Download Week Three Overview.
  • Watch videos on The Secret Handshake, Stakeholder Analysis and Difficult Conversations.
  • Work with your team to analyze Stakeholder Analysis and submit a Stakeholder Salience Diagram. 
  • Write journal entry.

  • Download Week Four Overview.
  • Watch videos on Presentation Planning and learn where to find slides, what font to use, how to use high-quality pictures as well as indexes and hyperlinks. 
  • Work with team to build a story, create a presentation and turn it in, utilizing examples to guide team presentation work.

  • Download Week Five Overview.
  • Read articles about Remote Presentations, Scenario Impact and Made-to-Stick Models.
  • Perform Matterhorn Simulation Assignment and post thoughts on colliding perspectives on the discussion board.

  • Download Week Six Overview
  • Read all assigned articles.
  • Work with your team on the Team Virtual Briefing Assignment.
  • Fill out team spreadsheet and brief instructor on team successes and challenges.

  • Download Week Seven Overview.
  • Read three articles: Top 10 Mistakes Leaders Make in a Crisis and How to Avoid Them, Effective Crisis Management and Ongoing Crisis Communication.
  • Work with team on Hostile Questions and Answers. 

  • Download Week Eight Overview.
  • Download and answer surveys.
  • Write final personal persona summary
  • Take the final exam. 
  • Complete survey about class and instructor.  
  • Plan for your next Online MBA class

Student Stories

Reaching New Heights in the Air Force: Don Miller '18 MBA

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