Recruiting at Eller

Recruiting at Eller

On-Campus Recruiting

The Eller College's Professional Development Center now has interview rooms. On-campus recruiting visits in McClelland Hall can be requested through Handshake. If you would like to speak directly with someone, please email and someone from our recruiting team will contact you.

Career Opportunity Postings

The University of Arizona uses Handshake to host job postings. Students can access Handshake to search for open internships, work-study and full-time jobs. Handshake is free for employers to list positions and ensures next-day posting on the internet.

The Eller College’s Professional Development Center produces a weekly, electronic career newsletter for students which includes information on career-related information, events and job/internship openings. We will pull from the listed positions in Handshake that are open to undergraduate business students and will send them to our students via email in this newsletter. Posting your position in Handshake will allow the Professional Development Center to include your opening in this career newsletter. If you are looking for a specific major, please specify the major in the job description section of the online form; that way your opening will appear for that major in the newsletter.

The Eller undergraduate curriculum is designed to develop future business leaders who create and deliver superior value to their organizations.

Our students not only develop functional and technical knowledge along with management skills; they are also given the opportunity to apply this knowledge and training through experiential learning opportunities that are integrated into the curriculum.

Eller undergraduates communicate effectively, critically analyze and comprehend complex business situations and build high-performance teams. Therefore, they enter your organization equipped and poised to make an impact either through an internship or full-time position.

National Recognition
Our undergraduate programs are consistently ranked among the best in the country. Eller College Undergraduate Programs rank #11 among public business schools nationwide and #21 among business schools overall in the 2019 U.S. News & World Report survey. Additionally, our MIS program is ranked at #3 (#1 for public schools). View our rankings.

Internships are strongly encouraged throughout our program. For non-local employers, the summer internship is a great opportunity for you to engage an undergraduate student who not only possesses leadership and involvement experiences but is further enhanced by our strong curriculum. Local employers enjoy the benefit of employing students through the academic year through internships. The student has the opportunity to apply this knowledge to meaningful projects and help your organization achieve its objectives and goals. Contact us to identify great internship talent.

Full-Time Hiring
The Eller College of Management facilitates full-time recruiting through an online job board called Handshake. The Eller College's Professional Development Center produces a weekly, electronic Job Blast which includes information on career related information, events and job/internship openings. 

The college’s part is to help facilitate the connection between organizations needing interns and students looking for internships. Most interns are paid internships. There is no formal cost from the college associated with an internship.

For for-Profit Companies, there are labor laws that mandate interns are required to be paid by the employers. Please review the guidelines which must be applied when making this determination. 

Not-for-profit and government agencies are allowed and have flexibility to hire interns unpaid, however candidate pools become extremely limited as students have pay options. Students do not have to earn credit if they are unpaid.

Internship for credit, see Sponsoring Organization Responsibilities for what constitutes internship for Eller credit. Note: Most students are interested in the experience over receiving credit and sometimes can be at a financial disadvantage due to cost of taking additional credits.

Key Strategies for Converting Interns

According to NACE, Employers with better-than-average rates of converting interns to full-time hires—65 percent and up—report the keys to their successful intern-to-hire programs are:

  • Offering real work assignments,
  • Helping the intern find a good fit within the company culture, and
  • Paying the intern competitive wages.

The Eller College's Professional Development Center has interviewing rooms in McClelland Hall. You can request On Campus Interviews (OCI) through Handshake. Just log-in to your account and choose the "Interviews" link in the navigation bar on the left. If you would like to speak to someone, call us at 520-621-2505 and we will be happy to answer your questions. 

Take advantage of an opportunity to individually showcase your company at the Eller College. You can request a Table event through Handshake. Just log-in to your account and choose the "Events" link in the navigation bar on the left. When filling out the request use the "Other" choice for a table. 

With only one company per week, the Employer @ Eller program is intended to give recruiting corporations a chance to create connections with Eller students of all class standings, so that students can be more aware of the opportunities that are available to them in the job market.

Companies will be able to “reserve” an outside spot located on the first floor of McClelland Hall near the classrooms.

One company will be able to reserve this spot once per semester; either Wednesday or Thursday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. This is the time when there is the most traffic due to classes. This is also to accommodate students with diverse class schedules. Certain dates in the semester will be unavailable due to university closures and other events.

Note: Students will be casually dressed as they are coming and going to class.

The outreach for employers involves companies that are specifically recruiting undergraduate business students in the Eller College of Management. Additionally, companies must have already signed up with Handshake. Registration also applies to companies which come to UA Career Days, Eller Career ExpoEller Career Showcase and those that are registered for information sessions and on-campus interviews. 

There is a reservation fee of $50.

The Eller Professional Development Center is located in McClelland Hall.

Eller Professional Development Center 
1130 Helen Street 
Tucson AZ 85721-0108
[view information about visiting]

Enter the building from Helen street and walk through to the Olden Lee Welcome Center next to the Entrepreneurship suite. You will be directed from there.  
Interviews take place on the third floor.

Office hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday

Interview Rooms and Schedule Options
Interview rooms are on a first-come, first-serve basis, so reserve early. There are various types of schedules that can be requested:

  • Room Only
    You create your own schedule and outreach to students. You supply a schedule, we supply the space.
  • Pre-Select
    A minimum of three weeks from time of posting is required. Students apply, employer reviews and selects who they want to meet with, students are invited via system, students choose an interview time through the system. A schedule is printed along with resumes for the day of the visit.
  • Pre-Select with alternate
    A minimum of 3.5 weeks from time of posting is required. Students apply, employer reviews and selects who they want to meet with, students are invited via system, students choose an interview time through the system and alternate students are invited. A schedule is printed along with resumes for the day of the visit.

Interview rooms are $35 per room, which includes all-day use and one parking pass. We also have available a large conference room and two seminar rooms that are great for Information Sessions. Pricing for the larger rooms run $100 per room. Organizations are responsible for fees associated with campus recruiting. Such fees include:

  • Pre-select interview scheduling (per schedule)
  • Room only interview scheduling (per room)
  • Information session fees such as catering, room rental, audio visual, etc.
  • Additional campus parking
  • Equipment use such as table and chairs when on campus
  • Please note: some fees are waived if an organization is a Corporate Partner.

Interviews are scheduled starting at 8:30 a.m. and ending at 4:30 p.m. Pre-select schedules close 24 hours prior to the interview date. This allows us to print and organize your schedule for the following day. If you are booking the room only, scheduling will be up to you.

Changes and Cancellations 
We understand there may be times when campus interviews must be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. We require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice of cancellation. If a cancellation is due to poor planning or follow through on the recruiter’s part, the recruiter will be required to contact students and arrange another interview date/time. This also applies to any cancellations made on the day of the interviews. The recruiter is also asked to contact us and share this information. For all adjustments to your schedule, please contact Karen Bartos, program coordinator, at or 520.621.2505.

If there is a Pre-select or Open schedule, we will provide you with your schedule on the day of your visit. The packet will include student resumes and the interview time slots. If you have reserved a Room Only, the collecting and scheduling of student is under your control.

Please check in at the reception desk on the third floor. When entering the building from Helen Street, walk straight back toward the second floor Olden Lee Welcome Center next to the Entrepreneurship suite. The third floor is accessible by stairs or elevator just around the corner. One of the staff will greet you, show you around and get you settled. There is a corporate lounge with basic kitchen features available for catered lunches or casual meetings and is a place for you to relax during your stay.

Parking Reservations
Parking can be included when doing some campus interviews and attending special events. For the visits that don’t include parking, the Park Avenue garage is open 5 a.m.-Midnight on a space-available basis. Daily rates: $2.00 per hour (max. $8 per day). Parking after 5:00 pm in Zone One is free. Zone one is located directly across from McClelland Hall to the north.

Shipping materials early makes for easier travel. Ship your items, clearly labeled with your company name in bold letters to:

Event Name – i.e., Eller Expo, Showcase, Information Session 
Eller Professional Development Center 
McClelland Hall 204 
1130 E Helen St. 
Tucson AZ 85721-0108

When sending materials back to your home office, return pick-up and return shipping must be pre-arranged for easier processing.