Executive Ethics Symposium


2022 Executive Ethics Symposium

August 12th, 2022

8:30am-11:00am AZ Time

Phoenix Art Museum

The Symposium invites top business professionals to discuss the ethical implications of various trending business topics. Previous symposiums have covered material such as artificial intelligence, the B Corp movement, and mortgage issues.

2022 Topic: TBA



Support and Sponsors

Thanks to the generous support of Zanes Law, there will be no cost to participate in the Executive Ethics Symposium.

For more information about Zanes Law, please visit www.zaneslaw.com


If you are interested in supporting the ongoing research, education, and outreach activities of the Center for Leadership Ethics, we'll be accepting donations of any size, which directly supports our critical academic efforts. 

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Previous Symposia Videos

The 2021 Executive Ethics Symposium discussed the ethical considerations of working remotely.

The 2020 Executive Ethics Symposium discussed the ethical aspects of the collection, protection, and use of data. 

The 2018 Executive Ethics Symposium explored the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Participants gleaned new insights into the benefits, burdens and ethical implications of AI in society through a panel of experts from academia, business and the military.

The 2014 Executive Ethics Symposium focused on socially responsible investing:

The 2012 Executive Ethics Symposium explored the Benefit Corporation or B Corp movement, as a panel of leaders gathered at the UA to discuss ethical implications of this new legal entity.

The inaugural Executive Ethics Symposium debated strategic mortgage defaults as a panel of leaders gathered at the UA in August 2010 to hash out ethical issues.


The Executive Ethics Symposium is by invitation only.

Please contact Mariah Brown for more details.