Management PhD Program


The Department of Management and Organizations Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Management prepares students for research and teaching positions at major universities.

Management PhD Program Facts

  • Full-time program (five years)
  • Fields of study include organizational behavior, organizational theory and judgment/decision making
  • Encompasses theories and methodologies from psychology, sociology, political science and management
  • 1:2 Student to faculty ratio

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Why the Doctoral Program in Management at Arizona?

Top-ranked Research

By focusing on research, doctoral students are able to successfully compete in the academic marketplace upon graduation. Based on a ranking of 2013-2017 research productivity in top-tier management journals, the Department of Management and Organizations ranks number 13 worldwide—a notable accomplishment considering the ranking is based on total publications in top-tier journals and is not adjusted for department size.

Management PhD Research


Competitive Funding 

PhD students typically receive a research assistantship or associateship stipend, which starts around $25,000 per year. Students have the option to supplement their stipend by teaching a course or two during summer or winter sessions. In addition, the college covers tuition and any in-state fees in order to allow students to concentrate on developing the skills they will need to become successful academics.

Graduate students can apply for up to $1,000 in support for their dissertation projects with Department Head approval.

Management and Organizations Department PhD Alumnus and best-selling management author, Stephen Robbins, provides funding for two PhD student fellowships in organizational behavior. Each of these $10,000 fellowships were used to attract and retain outstanding PhD students.

Management PhD Job Market Candidates

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