Research Computing (on UNIX)

Getting Setup to work on the U System
The U-System is The UA's unix system that most individuals in the department of finance and accounting will access in order to conduct research and access certain sets of data. The UA offers numerous applications for use in the unix environment of the U System including SAS, Fortran 77 and 90/95 (information on accessing IMSL libraries is here), Matlab, S-Plus, and several others. A complete list of the applications available on the U system is here.

After you have access to the Unix system, you will need to get further permission to access the "/fa" folder system which is where all of the financial and accounting data is stored. Permission is given by the Accounting department. Email your request to in order to get this permission set. Be sure to include your association with the department (e.g. why do you want to access the financial data?) and your U system username.
Once you have this permission set, create your working research directory and set some unix preferences. From there, it's all about knowing some basic unix commands (for navigating the unix system and working with files and directories) and working on the Fortran code itself.

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University Research Computing Support

Data Czar Notes
If you are having difficulty connecting to the U System, make sure that 1) you are using the "SSH Secure Shell" program (regular telnet is not secure enough and will not work), and 2) that you have a valid research account for accessing the U-System. (Note this is not the same as an eller account. Normally this is your UANetID.)

The CRSP Programmer's guide (and other guides) can be accessed on the Finance Department Common Drive at: S:\dataczar\crspguides.

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact the Data Czar in the finance department or by email.