MS MIS/MBA Dual Degree

MS MIS/MBA Dual Degree

Earn Two Degrees: Increase Your Job Marketability

The Master's in Management Information Systems (MIS) and Master's in Business Administration (MBA) Dual Degree Program is a unique opportunity enabling candidates to earn two Masters degrees from two of the Eller College's premier programs.

Successful candidates will obtain general management and functional business skills, and technical skills in information systems. The combination of business and technical training will equip students with the skill set to design and implement business solutions; therefore, making students more marketable to potential employers.


Students seeking to participate in the dual degree program must apply to each individual program (MBA and MS MIS) separately. Each program maintains independent control over its admissions criteria and procedures. For application information to the MBA program, please visit Eller College's MBA website.

For admissions information to the MS MIS program, please review the MIS Admissions information. Students already enrolled in the MBA Program who are interested in enrolling in the MS-MIS program should contact the MIS Master's Academic Advisor for further details. Students already enrolled in the MS MIS Program should go to the Eller MBA office in McClelland 210 to schedule an interview appointment.

Degree Requirements

A student may choose to begin classes in the Fall semester with MBA core curriculum or the MS MIS core. No matter which program a student chooses to start first, the student must complete one full year (two consecutive semesters) of that program before starting the next.

The total units required for completion of the MIS MBA Dual Degree Program is between 69-71. Completion of the program usually requires 2.5 to 3 years of full time study. Participants must complete the MBA core courses (except for MIS 585) and choose electives from each program.

Many students complete internships (an integral part of the MS MIS program) as a part of their educational experience.

Business Course Requirements 

Students may be required to take additional business courses in areas such as Accounting, Marketing, Management, etc. Your admission letter will indicate this information. The business courses are not counted toward the MIS units required for the degree.

The table below contains the business classes that are pre-approved by the department.

Classes Prerequisites
ACT 5440  
ECON 550 Calculus
FIN 510A Statistics, Accounting, Economics or co-registration in these
MKTG 510  
MIS 560 Statistics

The courses above are MBA core courses. In order to register for these classes, please meet with the MIS Master's academic advisor.

If you enroll in a business course you should see the instructor before the semester starts, since many instructors give pre-assignments.  

Waiving Courses and Electives from Other Departments 

It is possible for a required course to be waived based on previous knowledge of a subject. If a course is waived, no credit hours will be rewarded for the course and an MIS elective course must then be substituted. Graduate courses offered by other departments in the University of Arizona may be counted in a student’s Plan of Study with written approval of the MS/MIS Graduate Advisor. Contact the advisor if you have any questions regarding your course work or program of study.