MIS Graduate Association (MISGA)


The Management Information Systems Graduate Association is a professional graduate club.

MISGA's mission is to empower members by enhancing technical skills, fostering learning, providing networking opportunities and building close ties with companies hiring MIS majors for both jobs and internships. This active and socially-involved student organization works to create a strong network among students, faculty and alumni. 

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2021-22 MISGA Board

President Shawna Raj
Treasurer Aadhithya Dinesh
Directors of Events Shreya Suri and Namratha Acharya
Director of Alumni Relations Ajay Jaswani
Director of Community Outreach Lauren Spradlin
Director of Sports Johan Jacob
Director of Professional Development Madhavi Shukla
Director of Media and Communications Samiksha Deshmukh

MISGA is a not-for-profit organization and does not monetarily compensate its cabinet. All Positions are voluntary in nature, subject to policies and guidelines adopted in the constitution of MISGA.

Please contact shawnaraj@email.arizona.edu for more information regarding MISGA