Elementary Professional Development

Elementary Professional Development

It's never too early to start learning about economics and personal finance!

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Did you know that the Arizona History and Social Science Standards assign economics standards at every grade level? Instruction in economics and personal finance empowers students to become better decision makers and prepares them for their roles as producers, consumers, investors, and citizens. The UArizona Office of Economic Education (OEE) provides free training to elementary educators so they have the knowledge, resources, and confidence to teach economics effectively.

In addition to the free workshops we offer on weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings, the OEE can build a professional development workshop tailored to the needs and preferences of teachers in a specific school or district. The OEE will provide a facilitator, instructional materials, snacks, and prizes at no cost! Contact the Director of Educator Programs, Megan Kirts, to request a workshop.

Economics Complements ELA and Math

We know elementary educators must focus much of their instructional time on developing student literacy and numeracy, so we show teachers how to embed economics and financial literacy in ELA and mathematics lessons for a richer student learning experience. Plus, we give program attendees free copies of children's books along with other instructional materials and prizes!

We Offer Something for Everyone

Check out the partial list of programs we have offered in the past to elementary educators. We provide in-person, virtual, and online self-paced professional development opportunities. Note that any program can be tailored to a narrow or wide grade band.

  • Teaching Economics Through Children's Literature
  • Implementing a Classroom Economy
  • Math in Real Life
  • Money Monsters
  • Economics in STEM
  • Virtual Elementary Economics Book Fair
  • Entrepreneurship for Elementary Students
  • ECONcierge: Finding Resources for Elementary Economics