Secondary Professional Development

Secondary Professional Development

Economics for Everyone

All Arizona students are required to complete one semester of economics to earn a high school diploma, but did you know that the Arizona History and Social Science Standards assign economics standards at every grade level? Instruction in economics and personal finance empowers students to become better decision makers and prepares them for their roles as producers, consumers, investors, and citizens. The UArizona Office of Economic Education (OEE) provides free training to secondary educators so they have the knowledge, resources, and confidence to teach economics and financial literacy effectively.

OEE can build a virtual or in-person professional development workshop tailored to the needs and preferences of teachers in a specific school or district. The OEE will provide a facilitator, instructional materials, snacks, and prizes at no cost! Contact the Director of Educator Programs, Megan Kirts to request a workshop.

We Offer Something for Everyone

Below is a partial list of programs we have offered in the past to secondary educators. We provide in-person, virtual, and online self-paced professional development opportunities. Note that any program can be tailored to middle school or high school.

  • Econ 101 Series
  • Personal Finance Fun and Games
  • Virtual Economics Book Club
  • Broadway Economics
  • The Economics of Baby Booms and Busts
  • Saving the Environment with Economic Ideas
  • The Economics of Crime
  • Teachers Can Be Financially Fit
  • Understanding the Arizona State Retirement System
  • Economics in World History
  • Economics in U.S. History
  • Economics in Civics
  • Summer Economics Institute

To see some of our programs in action check out our partner organization, Econiful, where we offer virtual weekly professional development for secondary educators, free of charge.