Undergraduate Finance Certificate


November 8, 2019: Early deadline for Summer 2020 applications.

Eller BSBA major students: Earn a certificate in a discipline that employers value and will prepare you for your financial future. Learn how the stock market works, how real estate markets work, how companies make rational decisions and how to financially manage a small company. What better complement to a business major than a certificate in finance?

The finance certificate helps students create value in any type of business, non-profit or government organization. The program will broaden a student’s learning experiences and professional opportunities by providing training in financial topics and analysis. 

Students only need to be on campus during summer I session. Residency in Tucson is not required during summer II as classes are taught online.

This finance certificate elective courses include Principles of Financial Management, Personal Investing, Small Business Finance and Real Estate Principles. Students learn basic concepts through lectures and case studies.

Program Benefits

The Finance Certificate Program can be a valuable addition to your major course of study. Instructors with academic and experiential credentials will provide the instruction. The finance skills offered in the program may be utilized in a variety of careers related to all non-finance degrees.

Guaranteed Registration: You can be registered in the finance elective courses so that completion of the certificate is not dependent on gaining admission to the needed classes that might be closed.

Fast Completion: After taking the required major cohort courses, the finance certificate electives will be completed in one summer of full-time attendance.

Commitments: The Finance Department will make it possible for admitted students to complete the Finance certificate in one summer. As a finance certificate student, you must commit to registering for the three elective courses in one summer.

Course Requirements and Schedule

Prerequisite Requirement 

Students must have completed college algebra or higher to be eligible for admission.

Prior to Finance Coursework as part of Eller BSBA major

  • ECON 200. Basic Economic Issues
  • ACCT 250. Survey of Accounting or
    ACCT 200. Intro to Financial Accounting (not available in Fall semester)

You will need to obtain a seat in these two classes through UAccess:

  • FIN 311. Introduction to Finance or FIN 360. Quantitative Financial Management

Students will complete three of the following four courses offered during Summer I and Summer II sessions. 

Summer Session 1 

  • FIN 301. Principles of Financial Management (on-campus)
  • FIN 302. Personal Investing (on-campus)

Summer Session II 

  • FIN 303. Small Business Finance (online)
  • FIN 304. Real Estate Principles (online)

Finance Certificate Course Descriptions


The summer cost of the finance certificate is based on Arizona resident tuition for all students, whether you are an Arizona resident or an out-of-state resident. Students generally take 9 to 12 units during the summer to complete the certificate requirements. Tuition cost is available at the UA Bursar's Office website here.


Admission to the program is competitive. An application, with resume and brief statement, is required. (See application below.)

Several criteria will be considered in the application process: your application essay, grade point average, class standing, resume, etc. There are seats available for the Summer 2019 cohort and you are encouraged to apply.

For more information about the Finance Certificate Program, please email the Kay Ross, director of academic affairs, Finance Department: financeinfo@email.arizona.edu

Apply Now

Acknowledge your understanding of the following program requirements by signing below:

  • The Finance Certificate program is one summer program during pre-session, summer 1, and summer 2 of the same year.  The student makes the commitment to enroll for and complete three finance certificate courses during a single summer, as required to complete the certificate.
  • ECON 200 and ACCT 200 (or ACCT 250), and FIN 311 or FIN 360, will be taken prior to the finance courses in the certificate program.
  • The student acknowledges that six units is a full load for summer sessions 1 and 2, and that three units is a full load for pre-session.
  • The University of Arizona does not allow double dipping of a course for more than one major or minor.  With prior approval, you may take the fourth finance certificate elective available during the summer sessions.  See Eller Finance Advisor for options and approval.