Dr. Chen’s Classes at UA/Eller/MIS

Over the past 30+ years, Dr. Hsinchun Chen has taught the following AI, algorithms, web/data mining, bio/security informatics, and cybersecurity classes at UA/Eller/MIS:

  • MIS 680 “Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence” (Ph.D.), 1989-1996
  • MIS 301 “Data Structures and Algorithms” (BS), 1989-1998
  • MIS 531A “Data Structures and Algorithms” (MS/MBA), 1990-2005
  • MIS 480/580 “Introduction to AI and Expert Systems” (BS/MS/MBA), 1998-2009
  • MIS 480/580 “Knowledge Management Technologies and Practices” (BS/MS/MBA), 1998-2009
  • MIS 510 “Web Computing and Mining” (MS), 2004-2014
  • MIS 596A “Biomedical and Security Informatics” (Ph.D.), 2007

Dr. Chen is currently teaching the following courses:

  • MIS 464 “Data Analytics” (BS), 2016-present
  • MIS 598 “Cyber Warfare Capstone” (MS/online), 2019-present
  • MIS 611D “Topics in Data and Web Mining” (Ph.D.), 2016-present.

Complete Class Resources for MIS 464 and MIS  611D are available online.