ai lab Facilities


The Artificial Intelligence Lab

The Artificial Intelligence Lab (AI Lab) is an internationally known research group in the areas of digital libraries, intelligent retrieval, collaborative computing, and knowledge management. The group is distinguished for its adaptation and development of scalable and practical artificial intelligence, neural networks, genetic algorithms, statistical analysis, computational linguistics, and visualization techniques. The AI Lab and the Hoffman E-Commerce Lab collaborate on projects and provide access to each other’s facilities. Both also have access to facilities provided by the University of Arizona. Dr. Chen is Founding Director of the Hoffman Ecommerce Lab.


  • Dell Poweredge R900, Dell Poweredge 2650, Supermicro SuperBlade, and IntelSC5200
  • Dell Poweredge 1650, Dell Poweredge 2950, Intel SC5600, Lian Li, Supermicro CSE-
  • 16-core HPC host with 64 GB Ram; Windows Server 2008
  • Dell 4 cpu Intel Xeon 1.9 GHz processors with 12 GB RAM, Hard Disk storage: 770 GB
  • SGI Origin2000 supercomputer, 8 processors and 1 GB RAM, running IRIX (Legacy
  • 14 other assorted single and dual cpu servers for development, staging, production, and

Server Hosting

  • Dedicated environmentally controlled server room with secured electronic access

Online Storage

  • 45 TB (30 TB usable) iSCSI storage area network (SAN)
  • 4 TB NAS Box
  • Two 2 TB Direct Attached Storage Units
  • 2 direct attached storage 2 Terabyte storage arrays
  • 1 legacy storage server: Windows 2003 Enterprise Server, 2.6 Terabytes

Backup and Archival

  • 1 Dell Tape Library


  • Every Lab staff member is provided with one or more workstation(s) fully equipped for their individual needs; specifications vary depending on need. Individuals working on computing-intensive applications are allocated additional workstations and resources depending on need.
  • For special applications, 6 Quad core spidering machines /workstations with quad monitors and 2 TB disk storage are available to Lab members.


MIS Commons & MicroAge Lab

The MIS Commons & MicroAge Lab is a teaching and research facility originally founded by Dr. Hsinchun Chen as the Hoffman E-CommerceLab. This state-of-the-art computer lab is combined with a large multimedia classroom containing an art visual/multimedia presentation system and 26 high-end workstations. Labs and other units part of Eller College have access rights to the esources, which include:


  • 1 Enterprise-class VMware ESX based Xeon virtual server host, 32 GB RAM
  • 2 HP enterprise-class 4 way Windows 2000 Servers, each with 4GB memory
  • 1 Enterprise-class IBM/AIX server P660
  • 4 AMD 1700+ Secondary servers
  • 1 Pentium IV secondary server
  • 2 Pentium III secondary servers

Server Hosting

  • Dedicated environmentally controlled server room with secured electronic access
  • Online Storage
  • 1 IBM enterprise-level storage server (2 Terabytes) connected to all Enterprise class
  • servers through a Fiber Channel Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Backup and Archival
  • 1 IBM automated tape storage and retrieval server (126 Terabytes)