AI Lab Facilities

ai lab Facilities

The Artificial Intelligence Lab

The Artificial Intelligence Lab (AI Lab) has dedicated computing facilities to support student and faculty research activities.  Resources are also available from the MIS Commons and MicroAge Lab within the Eller College of Management.


  • Multiple enterprise servers housing multi-socket, many-core CPUs
  • Greater than 1 terabyte of main system memory
  • Virtualization hypervisors allowing multiple independent research environments and flexible scaling on demand
  • Additional discrete physical systems for critical database and infrastructure services

On-Site Hosting

  • Dedicated environmentally controlled data center with secured electronic access and uninterruptible power supply

On-Site Storage

  • Greater than 300 terabytes of server and local network storage
  • High performance solid state storage devices
  • 10 gigabit storage network


  • Each student and Lab staff member is provided with one or more workstations fully equipped for their individual needs
  • High performance workstations include many-core CPUs, local solid state storage, and high performance GPU for computationally intensive tasks
  • Students have access to industry standard toolsets and commercial software packages

IoT Lab

  • On-site Internet of Things laboratory for security research
  • Collection of 50+ common smart home, smart city, and smart health devices


MIS Commons & MicroAge Lab

The MIS Commons & MicroAge Lab is a teaching and research facility originally founded by AI Lab director, Dr. Hsinchun Chen as the Hoffman E-CommerceLab. This state-of-the-art computer lab is combined with a large multimedia classroom containing a state-of-the-art presentation system and 26 high-end workstations. Labs and other units within Eller College have access to the resources, which include:

MicroAge Lab Server Environment

  • VMware Server Cluster housing many-core CPUs
  • Greater than 1 terabyte of main system memory
  • 200 terabytes raw local, shared, and NAS-based storage
  • All data and storage networking is performed at 10Gbe with network teaming or multipathing.
  • Networking infrastructure and services supplied by UITS Network Operations team.

Legacy MicroAge Lab Server Environment (remains active)

  • VMware multi-host, many-core Datacenter
    • 512GB memory
    • Total raw local storage capacity: 9TB
    • 65 terabytes raw local, shared, and NAS-based storage

Backup Infrastructure

  • Offsite backup server
    • 160 terabye total raw storage capacity
    • 10 gigabit teamed networking