People of the AI Lab

People of the AI Lab

AI Lab Director

Hsinchun Chen

UA Regents' Professor of MIS
Thomas R. Brown Chair in Management and Technology
Director, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Director, AZSecure Cybersecurity Fellowship Program

Areas of Expertise

Cybersecurity and cyber threat intelligence
Data mining, text mining and web mining
Digital library and search engines
Health analytics and mobile health
Health informatics and security informatics
Knowledge management and business intelligence

Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated Staff

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Students:

Class of 2024  
"Nicole" Ru-Ying Yang

AZSecure Scholarship-for-Industry (SFI) Fellowship Program Students:

Class of 2024  
Jody Askren
James Hu
Dalton Thompson
Class of 2023  
Brian Etter
Ryan Ott
Class of 2022  
Matthew D'Vertola
Emmet Gormican
Class of 2021  
Izhar Sajid
Zara Ahmad-Post

Class of 2020


Alexander Smith

Daniel Dickson

Jorge Alberto Dominguez

AZSecure Scholarship-for-Service (SFS) Fellowship Program Students:

Class of 2024  
Dalton Arford
Ronald Kirklin
Michael Baluyot
Wyatt Kershaw
Class of 2023  
Tam Nguyen
Jessica Diep
Alice Martin
Thomas O'Kane
Raul Reyes
Class of 2022  
Kaeli Otto
Payton Rudnick
Michael Pesce
Tala Vahedi
David Hall
Class of 2021  
Gabrila Greer
Ben Lazzarine
Class of 2020  
Joshua Greer

Class of 2019

Guadalupe Angeles 
Nolan Arnold 
Christopher Harrell 
Rachael Dunn 
Robert Schweitzer 
John Voss