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  • NSF SFS-1, Principal investigator (PI), (with co-PIs, P. Goes, S. Hariri, M. Patton), NSF, CyberCorps SFS Program, “Cybersecurity Scholarship-for-Service at the University of Arizona," $5,312,942, DUE-1303362, September 2013-August 2019.
  • NSF SaTC, Principal investigator (PI), (with co-PIs, S. Hariri, T. Holt, R. Breiger), NSF, Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace (SaTC) Program, “Securing Cyber Space: Understanding the Cyber Attacks and Attacks via Social Media Analytics,” $1,190,722, SES-1314631, September 2013-August 2018.
  • NSF DIBBs, Principal investigator (PI), NSF, Data Infrastructure Building Blocks (DIBBs), “CIF21: DIBBs for Intelligent and Security Informatics Research and Community,” $1,500,000, October 2014-September 2018, ACI-1443019.