Daniel Zeng

Gentile Family Professor of MIS

Daniel Zeng

McClelland Hall 430K
1130 E. Helen St.  
P.O. Box 210108 
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0108

Areas of Expertise

  • Software agents and multi-agent systems
  • Collaborative information and knowledge management
  • Recommender systems
  • Social computing
  • Digital economic institutions
  • Automated negotiation and auction
  • Security informatics
  • Spatio-temporal data analysis
  • Online surveillance


PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, 1998

Daniel Zeng joined the Eller College of Management after earning his PhD from Carnegie Mellon University in 1998. His areas of expertise include software agents and multi-agent systems, collaborative information and knowledge management, recommender systems, social computing, digital economic institutions, automated negotiation and auction, security informatics, spatio-temporal data analysis and online surveillance. Zeng is a member of the Association for Information Systems (AIS), the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), The Association for Computing Machinery and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.


  • MIS 507 Software Design


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Professional Associations

  • Association for Information Systems
  • Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
  • Association for Computing Machinery
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Awards and Honors

  • Best Paper Award, the Fourteenth Annual Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems (WITS), 2004
  • Best Paper Award in SIGDSS, Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), 2004
  • Honeywell Fellow in MIS, 2001-2004; 2007-present
  • UA Management Information Systems Association Teacher of the Year (1999-2000; 2002-2003)